Relative to every animals, this child and monkey are virtually "cousins." From gene to morphology to behavior, castle are similar in many ways. That"s because both that them are primates, and they re-publishing an evolution past.

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api/deki/files/38431/humans.png?revision=2&size=bestfit&width=318&height=369" />Figure (PageIndex2): This taxonomic diagram shows how our species, Homo sapiens, is classified. Our clinical name shows that we room in the genus and types homo and also sapiens. Our family is the hominid, within the stimulate primate, within the class mammal, in ~ the phylum chordate, within the kingdom animalia, within the domain Eukarya.

Humans together Primates

Living members of the primate order incorporate monkeys, apes, and humans; and any member of this stimulate of mammals is dubbed a primate. at some allude in the far-off past, we shared ape-like ancestors through all these modern-day groups the primates. Us share in between 93 percent and almost 99 percent of our DNA sequences with them, giving hard proof that we have fairly recent common ancestors. As well as genes, what traits do we re-superstructure with various other primates? Primates are thought about generalists among mammals. A generalist is an organism that can thrive in a wide range of ecological conditions and also make use of a variety of various resources, such as consuming plenty of different varieties of food. Although primates exhibit a wide selection of characteristics, over there are number of traits the are common by most primates.

Primate Traits

Primates have 5 digits (fingers or toes) on each extremity (hand or foot). The fingers and toes have nails rather of claws and are spanned with perceptible tactile pads. The thumbs (and in many types the huge toes as well) are opposable, meaning they can be brought into opposition through the other digits, enabling both a power grasp and also a precision grip. You can see these features of the primate four times in the capuchin monkey pictured below.


Humans as Hominids

Who space our closest relatives in the primate order? we are placed in the family referred to as Hominidae. any kind of member the this household is dubbed a hominid. Hominids incorporate four life genera: chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans, and also humans. Amongst these four genera are just seven living species: two in each genera except humans, v our single living species, Homo sapiens. The Orangutan mommy pictured in number (PageIndex5) cradling she child reflects how similar these hominids room to us.

Figure (PageIndex5): Orangutan mother and child

Hominids are relatively large, tailless primates, ranging in dimension from the bonobo, or pygmy chimpanzee, which might weigh as tiny as 30 kg (66 lb), come the eastern gorilla, which may weigh over 200 kg (440 lb). Most modern-day humans autumn somewhere in between that range. In all species of hominids, males are somewhat larger and also stronger, ~ above average, than females, but the differences may no be great. Other than for humans, hominids are mainly quadrupedal, back they have the right to get roughly bipedally if require be to gather food or nesting materials. People are the just habitually bipedal types of living hominids.

The human Genus

Within the hominid family, our varieties is placed in the genus Homo. ours species, Homo sapiens, is the only living species in this genus. Number of earlier species of Homo existed however have since gone extinct, consisting of the varieties Homo erectus.

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an artist"s reconstruction of a Homo erectus individual is shown in number (PageIndex6).