Which 2 French regions lie in south central and southeastern France? A. Alsace and also LorraineB. The Massif main and the alpsC. The Paris basin and the Côte D" Azur D. Normandy and also Provence

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Which of the following is not true? A. Paris is a major manufacturing centerB. Agriculture is the significant activity in the AlpsC. World-famous wines created in Bordeaux regionD. Marseille is a busy seaport top top the Mediterranean coast
Which of the complying with is specific statement around the history of France? A. Charlemagne was the roman emperor who conquered France and went ~ above to establish France as the facility of a large empire B. France acquired its surname from its indigenous people, the Franks, who embraced the Romans" Latin Language and also Christian faith C. The heirs of Hugh Capet increased the kingdom"s borders to about those of contemporary France D. When the monarchy ended I. 1789, the was replaced by a democratic kind of federal government that stays in place to this day
In contrast to the method Germany was combined in the 1800s, the marriage of Germany in the 1900s was the result of...A. Polite warB. A peace treaty implemented on the nation C. The work of the state that PrussiaD. Press from the citizens
Where room Germany"s most crucial industrial centers located? A. Near the Bavarian AlpsB. Along the country"s southern border C. In the northern plains region D. In the central part the the country
The quote "God made the world, but the dutch mad " refers to...A. Reclaiming land from the sea, lakes, and swamps B. Watering of dry, arid regions to do them inhabitable C. Transforming rocky terrain into farmlandD. Maintaining farmland indigenous the intervention of urbanization
Which the the complying with statements is not true ? A. About 30 percent of every Belgians speak French, while about 55 percent speak FlemishB. The Belgian government has passed legislations to decentralize its government C. Relations between Belgium"s 2 ethnic groups improved after the nation gains its freedom from the Netherlands in 1830D. Both French and also Flemish are main languages the Belgium
C. Relations between Belgium"s 2 ethnic teams improved ~ the nation gains its self-reliance from the Netherlands in 1830
Luxembourg has actually maintained a high traditional of living by...A. Establishing close economic ties through China and RussiaB. Transforming from an economic climate once dominated by steel manufacturing to a company industries and high-tech this firm based economy C. Modernizing and also maintaining the manufacturing organization D. Maintaining its political and also economic independence in spite of its small size
B. Transforming from an economic climate once dominated by steel manufacturing to a organization industries and high-tech firms based economy
Switzerland"s cantons differ in every one of the complying with ways except...A. LanguageB. ReligionC. Kind of government D. Financial activities
Which statement around Austria and Switzerland is no true? A. The Alps tower above both nations B. Uneven Switzerland, Austria has mineral sources such together iron oreC. Switzerland has used Austria together a model for financial renewal D. Dairy farming and specialized industries are crucial in both countries
Which resource-rich regions along the Rhine river lie in eastern France?A. The Rhur Valley and AlsaceB. Bordeaux and also Normandy C. The Rivera and Massif main D. Alsace and Lorraine
Where is France"s chief center of commercial market located?A. About the Massif central B. In Paris and it"s suburbs C. In Bordeaux and it"s surrounding area D. Along the Riviera
In order to encourage nationwide unity, the French government did which of the complying with ? A. Prohibited foreigners from staying in the country for much longer that five years B. Urged the breakthrough of French literature and Impressionism C. Created the French academy to preserve the purity of the French languageD. Motivated the adoption of Alsatian, Basque, and also Brenton words into French
Why is the Ruhr Valley essential to Germany"s economy?A. That produces most of Germany"s iron and steelB. That is the cultural center that Germany C. It is famous with tourists D. That is a leading facility of trade and finance
In comparison to the way that Germany was linked in the 1900s, marriage in the 1800s to be the an outcome of...A. Civil warB. A peace treaty enforced on the countryC. The work of the state the PrussiaD. Press from citizens
Which of the following statements is not true? A. The Dutch have actually taken one fifth of your land from the sea, lakes, and also swampsB. Regardless of its location on the north Sea, the Netherlands has actually no necessary foreign trade portsC. The Netherlands has really high populace densityD. Netherlands farmers fertilize heavily and use contemporary agricultural methods in order to do the best possible use of your land
In order to stimulate economic growth in recent years, the federal government of France...A. Nationalized many private businessesB. Privatized some government-owned companies C. Severely minimal trade with various other European nations D. Placed price and also hiring freezes into impact until unemployment prices declined
Which that the adhering to statements is not true?A. Luxembourg has one the the lowest criter of livingB. Essential economic activities in Luxembourg incorporate steel manufacturing and also service sectors C. Luxembourg has actually close social ties to Germany, France, and also Belgium
All of the complying with are precise statements about the political boundaries and cultural ties the Austria except...A. The boundaries of the modern country that Austria were established after world War 1B. German is the language talked by many Austrians C. Austria was component of Switzerland for countless yearsD. For numerous years, Austria was politically tied come Hungary
Which the the complying with statements is not true?A. Switzerland has actually one the the highest standards of life in the worksB. Dairy farming is the most necessary agricultural activity in Switzerland C. Wealth of mineral source has permitted the Swiss to build D. The banking and also tourism markets to Switzerland"s economy
Germany split into east and also west quickly after the finish of...A. Franco- Prussian WarB. Civilization War 2C. Human being War 1D. 30 year War
Germany"s key sea port are...A. Bavaria and Munich B. Minsk and KievC. Hamburg and also RocstockD. Essen and Berlin
The main river flowing throughout northern Germany to the phibìc Sea is the...A. ElbeB. RhôneC. DanubeD. Volga
The people famous resort an ar along the Mediterranean shore of France is the...A. Cote d"IvoireB. LouvreC. ParadeD. Riviera




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