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Feel prefer such a pain in the ass with all this SVT brake questions. I swear this is my critical brake question...ever:Need to understand what dimension open finish wrench I require for the brake bleeder valves top top the SVT. I only have my socket wrenches and also no much longer have access to mine brother"s substantial collection that open ended wrenches. Due to the fact that I can"t afford to acquisition an entire collection at this time, I should buy the correct dimension so I deserve to bleed my brakes this weekend.Again...I appreciate the help.
If ns remember correctly, it was 8mm and also 9mm - prior to back is different. Hopefully, someone have the right to confirm.

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I could have sworn I supplied an 11mm somewhere. Ns remember due to the fact that my metric wrench collection goes 8 9 10 12 13 14 15, and also I was choose wtf, no 11.-Andrewedit:PS bleeding her brakes at the very least once is a an excellent idea. The quantity of bubbles I acquired out that mine was rediculous

Thanks because that the info. Go ahead, finally damaged down and also just bought a metric combo set from Craftsman native 7-19mm. Only $29.99. About the same as if I had actually bought 3 indiviuals wrenches.

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