Walmart began removing Mayfield DairyPure milk assets from the stores critical week, leaving local occupants heartbroken. 

Mayfield Dairy evidenced the removed in a statement and guarantee they would work-related to aid customers uncover their nearest Mayfield milk location. 

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"Unfortunately, the is true that numerous Walmart stores will no longer be transferring Mayfield DairyPure milk in the near future," Mayfield dairy products said. "If Mayfield customers contact us and carry out their ZIP code, us will carry out them with a perform of alternate stores that bring Mayfield milk in your area." 

Helenwood Food"s IGA in Helenwood, Tennessee, common their assistance for Mayfield milk with a on facebook post Monday. 

“It’s a great quality milk, and everyone loves it whereby we"re from,” said Ansley Marcum, a spokesperson from Helenwood Food"s IGA.

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Marcum says that they’ve been marketing Mayfield commodities for years, and Mayfield is the most popular brand for milk assets at their location.

The iconic yellow jugs will soon disappear from every but five Athens Walmart areas in an initiative to provide customers through "everyday short prices." 

"In an effort to keep top quality items on ours shelves in ~ a good every day short prices, we’re constantly looking in ~ our assortment," Walmart spokesman Molly Blakeman said.

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"Recently, us made a readjust in our assortment in Tennessee come ensure we could proceed to carry out customers v the low prices they expect from us," Blakeman said. "We recognize Mayfield dairy plays crucial role in Athens and will continue to market their products in stores in the community."

Mayfield dairy products was founded in Athens, Tennessee, in 1910 and worked as a family service until Dean foodstuffs purchased the organization in 1990. Due to the fact that then, Dean foodstuffs has continued to sell Mayfield Dairy products regionally, consisting of milk and ice cream. 

East Tennessee dairy product farmers have felt the blow of one overflowing milk market. 

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At the finish of February, Dean foods gave notices to dozens of dairy farmers throughout the country that your contracts with the agency would end on might 31. Ranches without someone to take end the contract, choose the Watson Dairy farm yard in Sweetwater, were shut down. 

Mayfield Dairy right now employs about 600 human being in Athens and also continues to get milk indigenous 45 dairy farms and co-ops in Tennessee. 

Mayfield dairy products advises milk lovers to reach out to their neighborhood Walmart store managers to share their disapproval that the removal. 

"We room recommending they inform their Walmart store managers and also let them understand that they room disappointed in your decision to no longer carry Mayfield milk," Mayfield dairy products said. "If enough world oppose your decision, it will certainly go a long means in hopefully acquiring Mayfield back in their stores.”

Walmart will continue to bring Mayfield ice cream, a spokesperson has said.


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