even Cumberland gap is fine within the limits of he east Time ZoneSource: united state Geological inspection (USGS), nationwide Map - standard Time Zones

due to the fact that time to be standardized in the United states on November 18, 1883, all of Virginia has actually been within the eastern Time Zone.

Each time ar covers approximately 15°"s that longitude. After the global Meridian Conference in 1884, the unified States characterized the "prime meridian" because that longitude and also timekeeping based upon the location of the Greenwich Observatory. Greenwich average Time (Zulu time) offered as the basis because that "standard time" in Virginia till the move in 1972 to Coordinated global Time based on atomic clocks.1

The state complies with Daylight to save Time as developed in the Uniform Time act of 1966. The united state Department of transportation determines as soon as Virginians will collection their clocks to "spring forward" and "fall back" come maximize the hrs of daylight in the summer when civilization are active.

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Some people, including building workers and also farmers, set their work schedules to start at daylight or finish at dusk. Those workers may be the most mindful that the sunlight is situated at a various place of the skies at any time of the job in east vs. Western Virginia.

The width of Virginia is reflect by the distinction in longitude. The longitude in ~ the eastern edge that Assateague Island top top the northeastern corner of Virginia is -75.2861889°, while the longitude in ~ Cumberland void is -83.6756599°.2

Because of the difference, top top the longest work of the year the sun shines top top the east edge the Virginia around 37 minutes previously than on the western tip. On June 21, 2018, sunrise to be at 5:39am eastern Daylight Time in ~ Chincoteague. In ~ Cumberland Gap, it to be still dark for more than one more half-hour. The clock showed 6:16am whe the sunrise finally emerged at the southwestern pointer of Virginia.3

The time the sunrise and sunset is significant for the state hunting regulations, developed by the Virginia department of Game and Inland Fisheries. Because that nonmigratory birds and game animals, searching is illegal if that starts previously than one-half hour prior to sunrise. For many species, searching must finish by one-half hour after sunset.

However, the authorized hrs for some tasks are collection by the clock rather than the sun. Be affected by each other hound cultivate is enabled from 4:00am to 10:00pm daily, and raccoons might be hunted until 2:00am ~ above Sundays.

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Bobcats, foxes, raccoons, and also opossums space not defended for any fixed time period. The state allows hunting those four species 24 hours/day during hunting season.4

To do compliance (and enforcement) easier, the state publishes a table that sunrise/sunset times. The chart offers Richmond as the recommendation location.

As defined in the hunting regulations, Williamsburg and also Winchester space equally distant from the meridian the longitude the runs with Richmond. In Williamsburg, sunrise is 3 minutes previously than in Richmond. In Winchester, it is three minutes later. Chincoteague and also Danville are additionally equidistant. The sun rises in ~ Chincoteague eight minutes previously than in Richmond, when sunrise in ~ Danville is eight minute later.

The greatest selection identified in the state graph is between Cape Charles and also Bristol. Sunrise in ~ Cape Charles is 25 minutes previously than sunrise in Bristol.5

according come the searching regulations, the sunlight rises in Richmond 8 minutes later than in Virginia Beach, and also 8 minutes earlier than in DanvilleSource: ESRI, ArcGIS Online

The distinction in latitude is reflected in job length. ~ above December 21, sunlight in Danville will last for 9 hours and also 40 minutes. That will certainly be 15 minutes much longer than the sunshine on the day further north in Winchester. Danville is in ~ 36.5859718 N decimal degrees, if Winchester is situated on the world at 39.1856597 N decimal degrees.6

Arlington county has produced time-based sculptures at Dark Star Park:6

Every year on respectable 1 at 9:30 a.m., visitors arrive at the 0.4 acre park come witness the coming with each other of shadows. The park"s huge spheres room designed to resemble fallen, extinguished stars.

What"s at the Corners the Virginia?

shadows from 2 spheres at Dark Star Park align exactly within the sculpture sooner or later each yearSource: Arlington County, Dark Star Park job (9:30am, respectable 1, 2017)


Us room of TransportationUS marine Observatory


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