Where is the Moth priest Dragon Bridge?

In the college of Winterhold, head come the Arcaneum and also speak to Urag gro-Shub. Urag will suggest you toward Dragon Bridge situated in northwestern Skyrim. Top top arriving, shake under a kid called Clinton for info on the Moth Priest.

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Where is Dexion after Dawnguard?

Castle Volkihar

Should you offer the elder role to URAG?

Iirc, after you usage it in the key quest, they don’t really have a usage anymore and also you can’t toss lock yourself. Its good to offer them come him.

What perform you do with the Elder scroll Dragon ~ Dawnguard?

You have the right to sell two of them come the moth priest Dexion, (I probably butchered his name). The Dragon one is for the key quest. ~ you finish the key quest you deserve to sell that one come the librarian at the university of winterhold.

Can you ever before drop the elder scroll?

The Elder Scroll can be offered to Urag gro-Shub in the university of Winterhold’s Arcanaeum because that 2000 gold. You don’t obtain to keep it, however at the very least you don’t have actually to carry it approximately everywhere.

Why can the Dragonborn review Elder Scrolls?

According to impacts of the Elder Scrolls, one in-game lore book noted at the university of Winterhold, the Dragonborn shouldn’t discover anything indigenous the Elder Scrolls: because that one who has received no maintain in the history or nature of the Elder Scrolls, the scroll itself is, effectively, inert.

Can you use the Elder Scroll for anything else?

Aside native that ns don’t think there is anything you can do through it. The elder scroll you get from the key quest is now used in the Dawnguard DLC together well. You likewise gain two an ext elder scrolls. The brand-new two have the right to be offered to the Moth Priest because that 6000 gold in the Dawnguard DLC if you sided with the Dawnguard.

Can I kill esbern instead of Paarthurnax?

Because Delphine and also Esbern are constantly essential characters and cannot die it is not possible to death them to safeguard Paarthurnax. As there is no way to actually reject the pursuit (aside native ignoring the Blades), once this search is started, there is no transforming back.

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How do you obtain the Dawnguard to avoid attacking me?

How carry out you avoid these attacks? You carry out random searches for the Volkihar until you gain a search to death the Dawnguard leaders. The strikes stop after that. If you space impatient you deserve to save external of the castle and also reload every time they provide you a various one, until you get the one girlfriend need.


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