Pumpkin in Minecraft can also do nothing however lights and also golems in the game, take it a look in ~ 5 methods to use pumpkins below.

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Pumpkin is arguably one of the many versatile fruits in Minecraft. Pumpkins can be found naturally in most biomes in Minecraft. Pumpkin and also its seeds can additionally be found in treasure chests.

In taiga forests and also in mountainous villages, football player can also use pumpkins rather of hay.

Ax is the fastest way to rest pumpkins in Minecraft. Unequal a watermelon, a pumpkin is just one block instead of solitary pieces prefer a watermelon. A pumpkin block yields just 4 pumpkin seeds. Plant them and you will get much more pumpkins.

So as well as farming, what have the right to pumpkins have the right to do in Minecraft, let"s take it a look in ~ 5 means to usage pumpkins below.

Pumpkin carving


You can turn an simple pumpkin into a carved pumpkin. In addition, as soon as cutting pumpkin seeds, they likewise drop seeds.

You might not understand it, but if you placed a carved pumpkin on her head. Enderman won"t attack you if girlfriend wear this pumpkin.

Make pumpkin lights


Lanterns space a beautiful light resource next to signboards, beacons, glowing stones . This is an easy-to-find different to the above options.

Place one engraved pumpkin and also a torch top top the do table to do a pumpkin lamp and also hang the on a pole. This items is additionally quite similar to the Halloween pumpkin lamp in genuine life, so it is very suitable because that Halloween design template decoration in the game.

Crafting Golems


There are two species of golems that you can craft v pumpkins in Minecraft, snowman and also iron man. These Golems room responsible for protecting villagers and also players by damaging mobs that regularly see creepers, zombies and bone monsters.


Without pumpkins, you definitely can"t do golems. To craft a snowman, location two vertical block of snow and place the sculpted pumpkin on height of the two snow blocks. As for the stole man, develop a T v 4 steel blocks and also place the pumpkin above the T to kind an steel Golem.

Change right into gemstone


Some players were unaware the pumpkins can be exchanged for priceless Emeralds. These jewel you have the right to exchange through low level villagers.

They will buy you 6 pumpkins for you v an emerald, i m sorry you have the right to only redeem 2 times per day. If you have a pumpkin farm, you have the right to get unlimited emeralds indigenous the villagers.

Harvest Bone Meal


It takes about 10 come 30 minute from seeding to get Pumpkin. After ~ that, the player can flourish as many pumpkins as they desire without having to sow more seeds. Therefore, players can use that to get tons the bone meal through ease.

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Building an automatically pumpkin farm is just one of the easiest ways to obtain bone meal. Friend can obtain bone meal by right clicking the pumpkin top top the compost bin.