Giving compliments, top top the contrary, is not basic at all since sometimes friend don’t recognize which ideal words to use. Particularly if your companion is Scorpio man, it’s likely a an obstacle because he won’t simply provide you his attention.

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What a Scorpio man wants come hear?

What type of things you say deserve to to capture his interest?

This guy in love is passionate and also affectionate. For sure there room several vital things he wishes to hear more often from the mrs he loves, and also we’ve detailed some in the following.


1. “I think in you”

Guys sometimes are arrogant and also self satisfied, and Scorpio male is likewise not one exception. He keeps speak ‘believe in yourself’ come himself; however, the feeling is totally different when the expression ‘I think in you’ comes from someone else, particularly if that person is his love one.

No matter how arrogant he is in ~ the moment, those words can lug him earlier to earth. In addition, the Scorpio masculine really needs your support whenever the starts doing something new, and also this expression can rise his confidence and make him feel good.

2. “You’re no like other guys”

Admit it the you will certainly be melted if a man says ‘you are not like various other girls or anyone else’ to you.

Say this phrase to him whenever girlfriend two have actually intimate conversations. This is a wonderful compliment that Scorpio guy loves to hear from his girl. Usually he is one introverted, mysterious male who doesn’t prefer attention, therefore it’s nice to understand you see him unique from the crowd.

Not just women, however men likewise feel happy once they recognize they stand the end in their loved one’s eyes. Keep reminding this to him every as soon as in a if to make him contented.

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3. “You constantly make me smile”

This compliment is always good to hear.

Scorpio male takes love seriously however is also insecure once being in a relationship. He wishes nothing however you stay loyal come him forever; nevertheless, periodically he gets worried with his own thoughts the you may discover someone far better than him.

So, the phrase ‘you constantly make me smile’ is favor the remedy because that his security. Hearing these words will certainly surely do him feel secure and also have an ext confidence in the connection with you.

My advice is the you do not do it abuse this compliment. Just say it through sincerity and also when girlfriend truly average it; otherwise, the messages will certainly be delivered wrongly.

4. “You look so handsome”

Don’t think that just ladies care around appearance. This guy likewise puts initiative into his look together he wants to make you proud once both of you hang out together. Though he is an intellect person, he does try to leave a great impression in every meeting.

If you gain hearing this kind of compliment from her partner, then consider saying ‘you look so handsome’ come him. This will provide a an increase up come his confidence and also security immediately.

5. “Have fun v your friends”

Scorpio male in love cares about his lover a lot and tends to dedicate many of his complimentary time for her. Yet sometimes he requirements to hang out through his nearby friends, and also probably all will do something crazy that he doesn’t want his loved one to witness.

Things will certainly be different if that is no longer interested and hurts you.

Luckily, this guy prefers remaining at house to going out; imagining you space in love through Gemini guy or Aquarius man. Quiet he will feel an excellent when you coolly tell the to spend time with his buddies instead of continuing to be with you all time.

This mindset makes that feel that you’re considerate around him.

Well, don’t make it choose you shoo him far so that you can have your an individual space; otherwise, that will certainly make the sensitive Scorpio think girlfriend no much longer care around him, and also he will certainly be insecure again.

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6. “You look sexy”

When a Scorpio male wants you, please say this come him and also he will be unable to stand up to you. Of food this compliment is different from the ‘you look so handsome’ one. This man is sensual and enjoys do love v his woman a lot; thus, hearing girlfriend say that he is sexy will certainly give him a rotate on.

Tell the ‘you watch sexy’ once he touches you is a sign letting your Scorpio partner understand that you still gain obsessed over him and also are interested in having actually sex with him.

7. “You were exceptional last night”

Men love this compliment – hearing this in the morning will give them a an excellent source of power to begin his day. Occasionally you speak this phrase without really average it. Honestly, even if the last night to be great, it’s hard for you to remember the clearly. In spite of that, he would certainly be an ext than happy as soon as hearing girlfriend say that after spending warm moments together.

8. “I to trust you”

This is a hit out, come a Scorpio man.

He is very insecure about his feelings and also will never ever want come get affiliated with who playing v his heart. As he trusts you, he additionally does great to hear that you trust him in return. If you don’t to trust him, then why pick to continue to be in a partnership with him, right?

Once listening you have actually trust and confidence in him and in the relationship of friend two, he deserve to feel peace in his heart.

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8. “I love the way you are”

If you desire your Scorpio guy to really feel your emotions when you say this, you need to include a small bit that exaggeration. Yet never mind, this quiet sounds great when the phrase ‘I think you’re an excellent the method you are’ originates from you.

All he demands is you gift sincere through what girlfriend say…no must be perfect.

In Conclusion

I hope that this post can aid you save your Scorpio guy happy and also gain a success in the partnership with him.

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All the compliments mentioned over are what a Scorpio male wants come hear the most from his loved one. Exploit these whenever you two have actually intimate conversations or perform sweet things together.

Wishing you every the luck!

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