Giving compliments, on the contrary, is not easy at all because sometimes you don’t know which right words to use. Especially if your partner is Scorpio man, it’s likely a challenge because he won’t simply give you his attention.

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What a Scorpio man wants to hear?

What type of things you say can to catch his interest?

This guy in love is passionate and affectionate. Surely there are several key things he wishes to hear more often from the woman he loves, and we’ve provided some in the following.


1. “I believe in you”

Guys sometimes are arrogant and self satisfied, and Scorpio man is also not an exception. He keeps saying ‘believe in yourself’ to himself; however, the feeling is completely different when the phrase ‘I believe in you’ comes from someone else, especially if that person is his loved one.

No matter how arrogant he is at the moment, those words can bring him back to earth. In addition, the Scorpio male really needs your support whenever he starts doing something new, and this phrase can boost his confidence and make him feel good.

2. “You’re not like other guys”

Admit it that you will be melted if a guy says ‘you are not like other girls or anyone else’ to you.

Say this phrase to him whenever you two have intimate conversations. This is a wonderful compliment that Scorpio man loves to hear from his girl. Normally he is an introverted, mysterious guy who doesn’t like attention, so it’s nice to know you see him special from the crowd.

Not only women, but men also feel happy when they know they stand out in their loved one’s eyes. Keep reminding this to him every once in a while to make him contented.

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3. “You always make me smile”

This compliment is always good to hear.

Scorpio man takes love seriously but is also insecure when being in a relationship. He wishes nothing but you stay loyal to him forever; nevertheless, sometimes he gets worried with his own thoughts that you may find someone better than him.

So, the phrase ‘you always make me smile’ is like the remedy for his security. Hearing these words will surely make him feel secure and have more confidence in the relationship with you.

My advice is that you shouldn’t abuse this compliment. Only say it with sincerity and when you truly mean it; otherwise, the messages will be delivered wrongly.

4. “You look so handsome”

Don’t think that only ladies care about appearance. This guy also puts effort into his look as he wants to make you proud when both of you hang out together. Though he is an intellect person, he does try to leave a good impression in every meeting.

If you enjoy hearing this kind of compliment from your partner, then consider saying ‘you look so handsome’ to him. This will give a boost up to his confidence and security immediately.

5. “Have fun with your friends”

Scorpio man in love cares about his lover a lot and tends to dedicate most of his free time for her. But sometimes he needs to hang out with his close friends, and probably all will do something crazy that he doesn’t want his loved one to witness.

Things will be different if he is no longer interested and hurts you.

Luckily, this guy prefers staying at home to going out; imagining you are in love with Gemini man or Aquarius man. Anyway he will feel great when you coolly tell him to spend time with his buddies instead of staying with you all time.

This attitude makes him feel that you’re considerate about him.

Well, don’t make it like you shoo him away so that you can have your personal space; otherwise, that will make the sensitive Scorpio think you no longer care about him, and he will be insecure again.

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6. “You look sexy”

When a Scorpio man wants you, please say this to him and he will be unable to resist you. Of course this compliment is different from the ‘you look so handsome’ one. This guy is sensual and enjoys making love with his woman a lot; thus, hearing you say that he is sexy will certainly give him a turn on.

Tell him ‘you look sexy’ when he touches you is a sign letting your Scorpio partner know that you still get obsessed over him as well as are interested in having sex with him.

7. “You were amazing last night”

Men love this compliment – hearing this in the morning will give them a great source of energy to start his day. Sometimes you say this phrase without really mean it. Honestly, even if the last night was great, it’s hard for you to remember it clearly. Despite that, he would be more than happy when hearing you say that after spending hot moments together.

8. “I trust you”

This is a knock out, to a Scorpio man.

He is very insecure about his feelings and will never want to get involved with someone playing with his heart. As he trusts you, he also does wish to hear that you trust him in return. If you don’t trust him, then why choose to stay in a relationship with him, right?

Once hearing you have trust and confidence in him and in the relationship of you two, he can feel peace in his heart.

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8. “I love the way you are”

If you want your Scorpio man to really feel your emotions when you say this, you need to add a little bit of exaggeration. But never mind, this still sounds great when the phrase ‘I think you’re great the way you are’ comes from you.

All he needs is you being sincere with what you say…no need to be perfect.

In Conclusion

I hope that this article can help you keep your Scorpio man happy and gain a success in the relationship with him.

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All the compliments mentioned above are what a Scorpio man wants to hear the most from his loved one. Make use of these whenever you two have intimate conversations or do sweet things together.

Wishing you all the luck!

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