I choose a an excellent travel riddle. Lock can assist pass the time as soon as sitting top top buses or airplanes.

This common travel riddle comes in a couple of different forms:

I always stay in my corner, yet I travel around the world. That am I?What remains in the corner and travels the world?I sit in the edge while traveling approximately the worldI have the right to travel the world without leaving my corner, what am I?What travel the world yet stays in one spot?It goes around the world but stays in a cornerWhat deserve to travel around the world while staying in a corner?I continue to be in the corner but travel approximately the world

And the exactly answer is:

A postage stamp!


But how have the right to something remain in the corner and also travel approximately the people at the exact same time?

Stationary Stationery – The Postage stamp Riddle Explained

This riddle provides an exciting point about travel.

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You can never say something is relocating without speak what it is moving compared to.

Everything is always moving compared to other else due to the fact that motion is relative.

A thing deserve to be stationary and also moving in ~ the exact same time. It depends relative to what? Moving compared to what?

You could think friend are simply sitting in the edge of your room and also not travel anywhere.

But at the exact same time, the earth is spinning. If you were sat at the equator you and the entire room would certainly actually be moving at 460 meters per second.

Also, the earth is going roughly the sun. So you, and your chair in the edge of the room are moving at 67,000 mph about the sun.

Your entire life you’ve never gone any type of slower than 67,000 mph… relative to the sun. Psychic that following time someone speak you come hurry up!

The postage rubber stamp is not moving contrasted to the corner. That’s why that “sits in the corner”. The postage stamp and also the corner never move contrasted to every other since the rubber stamp is glued down.

But the envelope, the corner, and the stamp are all moving around the world together. Presumably, due to the fact that the envelope is in the postman’s bag or van or even an international mail plane.

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So that’s the answer come the riddle around the postage stamp. It’s going about the world but it never ever leaves the edge of the envelope!

In fact, if you desire to it is in super smart i think we can confidently to speak this is an global postage stamp! Otherwise, the letter is not going around the people it’s just going somewhere locally.

The future has arrived, if you’ve never ever seen a real-life envelope or a postage stamp then inspect out this useful video:

https://youtu.be/-Co2fPv9100Video can’t be loaded due to the fact that JavaScript is disabled: just how to placed a rubber stamp on an Envelope (https://youtu.be/-Co2fPv9100)

What execute you think? Is “a postage stamp” the correct answer? does this riddle make sense or is it a little stupid?

What if ns said…

I travel around the world without ever before leaving the rest-room. What am I?

Answer: A toilet!

It’s a little bit dumb no? allow me know what friend think in the comment below!