What are Emphatic Pronouns? (with Examples)

The emphatic pronouns are myself, yourself, herself, himself, itself, ourselves, yourselves, and also themselves. (NB: these words deserve to be one of two people emphatic pronouns or reflex pronouns. This web page is around their usage as emphatic pronouns.)

The usage of Emphatic Pronouns

An emphatic pronoun refers back to another noun (or pronoun) in the sentence to emphasize it. Because that example:The Queen herself attended the party.(The Queen is the noun being emphasized. That is dubbed the antecedent that the emphatic pronoun.)When supplied for emphasis, a word favor herself is dubbed an emphatic pronoun.

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Examples of Emphatic Pronouns

Here room some an ext examples the emphatic pronouns. In every example, the emphatic pronoun is shaded and the point being emphasized (i.e., the antecedent that the emphatic pronoun) is in bold. She
will execute it herself.(The emphatic pronoun it s her emphasizes the she will execute it. The waiter won"t do it. She husband won"t do it. Her child won"t do it. SHE will carry out it.)The scouts cooked this cakes themselves.(The emphatic pronoun themselves emphasizes the the scouts cooking the cakes, i.e., no their mothers.)I heard the lie myself.(The emphatic pronoun myself emphasizes that i heard the lie.)Note: It"s not always around people:The cat opened the door itself. You deserve to test if it"s one emphatic pronoun by remove it and also seeing if you acquire the same impact by emphasizing the thing you"re trying come emphasize through your voice (shown right here in uppercase).SHE will perform it.I heard the lie.THE CAT opened up the door.
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Real-Life examples of Emphatic Pronouns

The just thing we have to are afraid is fear itself, yet raptors are pretty dang scary.Nothing is impossible for the man that doesn"t have to do the himself. ("Weiler"s Law" by American writer AH Weiler)You must find out from the failure of others. You can"t perhaps live long sufficient to make them all yourself. (American journalist Sam Levenson)

Why should I Care around Emphatic Pronouns?

There are two great reasons come know about emphatic pronouns.

(Reason 1) Emphasizing other (obviously)

Using an emphatic pronoun is far slicker 보다 bolding a word, writing IT IN UPPERCASE LETTERS, or underlining it. Yuk!When speaking, you can emphasize a word with your voice, so there is an alternative to making use of an emphatic pronoun. In writing, however, the options are frequently unwieldy or ambiguous.An emphatic pronoun have the right to be eliminated from a sentence without affecting the sentence"s main point meaning. In other words, one emphatic pronoun just offers emphasis, but that"s a pretty necessary job. It"s regularly the reason the sentence exists.She will certainly attend the reception drinks herself.

(Reason 2) avoiding errors v myself, yourself, herself, etc.

The words myself, yourself, herself, himself, itself, ourselves, yourselves, and also themselves space not posh version of me, you, her, him, it, us, you, and also them. If girlfriend have any type of questions, please call myself or her line manager.
(Remember the an emphatic pronoun emphasizes a surrounding noun or pronoun, i.e., the antecedent. There isn"t an antecedent in this example.) If you have any questions, please contact me or her line manager. (Myself is no a posh variation of me.)(NB: This point is regarded reflexive pronouns not emphatic pronouns. It is contained here because that anyone who came in search of guidance top top this suggest and finished up top top this page.)

Key Points

Emphatic pronoun emphasize. That itself is a good enough factor to learn around them.Myself is not a highbrow method of speak me.
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