History >> Aztec, Maya, and Inca for KidsWhen the Spanish arrived in Peru in the 1500s the Inca empire was huge. It extended for over 2000 miles from the north to the south and had a population of an estimated 10 million people. The Inca essential a innovative and organized government to maintain realm this large.

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MonarchyThe Inca government was called the Tawantinsuyu. It to be a monarchy rule by a single leader called the Sapa Inca.Sapa Inca - The emperor or king that the Inca realm was referred to as the Sapa Inca, which means "sole ruler". He to be the most powerful person in the land and also everyone rather reported to the Sapa Inca. His primary wife, the queen, was dubbed the coya.Inca federal government OrganizationBelow the Sapa Inca were several policemans who assisted to dominance the empire. High ranking officials were regularly relatives the the emperor and also were always part of the Inca class.Viceroy - below the Sapa Inca was the viceroy, or Inkap Rantin. He to be a close family member of the Sapa Inca and worked as his closestly advisor.High priest - The high priest, referred to as the "Willaq Umu", was also a very powerful man. He to be probably 2nd in power to the Sapa Inca as result of the importance of religious beliefs in the Inca Empire.Governors that a 4 minutes 1 - The Inca realm was split up into 4 quarters. Every of these quarters was rule by a governor dubbed an Apu.Council that the kingdom - The Sapa Inca additionally kept a the supervisory board of males who advised him on significant matters. These males were an effective nobles.Inspectors - In order to keep control and also to make sure people were paying your taxes and following the ways of the Inca, the Sapa Inca had inspectors the watched end the people. The inspectors were called "tokoyrikoq".Military Generals - over there were likewise military generals. The head general was normally a close family member of the Sapa Inca. These leaders were dubbed "Apukuna".Other officials - over there were numerous other federal government officials and also leaders transparent the Inca empire such as priests, army officers, judges, and tax collectors.
Dividing up the EmpireThe empire was split up right into quarters dubbed "suyu". The four suyu were Chinchay Suyu, Anti Suyu, Qulla Suyu, and Kunti Suyu. In ~ the center of the 4 quarters to be the funding city of Cuzco.Each suyu to be then further divided into provinces called "wamani". A many times every wamani was made up of a tribe that had been dominated by the Inca. There were also smaller divisions within every wamani.The smallest, and maybe the most important, division of federal government was the ayllu. The ayllu was consisted of of a variety of families and often acted choose a large family. The ayllu to be responsible because that paying taxes. Also, land to be assigned by the federal government to each ayllu based upon the number of people in the group.Inca TaxesIn bespeak to operation the government, the Inca required food and resources i beg your pardon they gained through taxes. Every ayllu was responsible because that paying taxes to the government. The Inca had actually tax inspectors that watched over the civilization to make sure that they paid all their taxes.There were two key taxes that the people had to pay. The an initial tax was a portion of the ayllu"s crops. The plants were split up three methods with the an initial third going come the government, the 2nd third come the priests, and also the final 3rd was because that the people.The second kind of taxes was called the mit"a. The mit"a was a labor taxation that every man in between the periods of 16 and also 60 had to pay by functioning for the government for a portion of the year. They functioned various jobs such as laborers on federal government buildings and also roads, mining for gold, or also as warrior in the army.Laws and also PunishmentThe laws were do by the Sapa Inca and passed down to the human being through the tax collectors. Murder, stealing, cheating ~ above taxes, and also cursing the gods to be all versus the law.However, over there wasn"t a most crime in the Inca Empire, mostly because the punishments were very harsh. Because that example, human being were often executed for cursing the gods. If lock were captured stealing, castle would have actually their hands reduced off.
Interesting Facts about the government of the Inca EmpireEvery ayllu had its own tax collector.Although the Inca had actually a road system in between the cities, commoners were not allowed to take trip on the roads. The roadways were guarded by the army and also trespassers were commonly killed.The name for the examiners "tokoyrikoq" is translated as "he who sees all".Most dominated tribes were allowed to remain in their homelands. However, if lock were thought about rebellious, they would be relocated to other locations of the empire.The Inca roads were critical part that the Inca federal government as they were provided for communication.

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