This Riddle is a play on words. When you an initial read the Riddle, you could think to yourself “How deserve to a indigenous begin and end v an e, contain only one letter, and not it is in the letter through itself, because that is no actually a word?” If the sounds prefer you, then read on. We will explain the price in a means that is hopefully clear.

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First we need to recognize one essential fact: ‘letter’ has more than one meaning! right here are a few:

a ‘letter’ can be a single character the is part of a worda ‘letter’ cal additionally be a composed communication between two or an ext parties

This Riddle is an overwhelming to understand due to the fact that it combines 2 of these three different interpretations into a solitary question. Due to the fact that it go not identify which part of the inquiry is talking around which definition, most human being assume the the question only refers come a single definition. This plot of incomplete info leads the responder come think down one monitor while in reality they must be thinking down another. Fortunately, this is a usual misinformation tactic work by numerous Riddles, and is relatively easy come spot when you know that you need to look because that it.

The concern starts you turn off by gaining you thinking about the first definition mentioned above, the characters of a word. As soon as you review “begins and ends with an ‘e"” your mind immediately web links up the association of the “e” together being a ‘letter’. By the moment you start reading the second part of the question, your mind is already down this untrue path.

After that, it proceeds by implying that words itself consists of only one letter. This is another point in the Riddle the is misleading though, due to the fact that it is not words that contains only one letter, yet rather the thing that words names. In fact what it is saying right here is the ‘the word that answers this riddle describes an object that hold one letter.’ as soon as you recognize that this is additionally a misinformation tactic, the answer i do not care clear.

The first part of the Riddle refers to the personalities of a indigenous while the second part refers come a written communication that is placed inside a container. That container is the word that you room actually looking for here. Now thinking around the containers the would most likely organize a ‘written communication in between two or much more parties,’ over there are only a grasp that can make sense:

a ‘mailbox’ – however that has no “e” charactersa ‘letter box’ – but that has one “e” in the wrong locationa ‘box’ – but that again has no “e” charactersa ‘computer’ – however again has actually an “e” in the not correct locationa ‘phone’ – this has actually one “e” in the correct location, yet no matching “e”an ’email get mailbox box’ – again one correct “e” and also a lacking compliment… perhaps an ‘envelope’ – BINGO! This one meets all the criteria!

So there you have it. The answer to this Riddle is ‘envelope’. We arrived on that systems by:

considering every the definitions of the word ‘letter’rewording the clue so the it is clearer that we typical the object has the letterlisting and concluding the price through process of elimination

Hopefully the is clear exactly how we came down on this answer. If girlfriend still require help, please leave a comment, and we will certainly respond with more information. If you would favor to know an ext about the various types of ‘letters’ or types of written communication, please save reading.




As mentioned above, this Riddle is around the indigenous ‘letter’. A letter deserve to can be several things, however let us start with the most evident one. Most world think the a character the is part of a composed word, as soon as they hear the word ‘letter’.

In english, there room 26 letter (and notably an ext other symbols). These letters room strung together to type words. That is the communication of our composing system; however, English was definitely NOT the an initial written language, and also certainly no the an initial one with characters or letters. The Riddle Robot Eyezak may not know about it, however letters have been approximately for a long, lengthy time. It has been uncovered that about 1800 BCE, the Phoenicians had the an initial known videotaped consonantal language, which had actual letter in it (not glyphs choose in larger languages). That predates English by Millenia.

Currently in the world, there are practically 4,000 well-known written alphabets, i beg your pardon in chin is a Riddle, due to the fact that one need to think of wherein each of this originated. The list of the many widely used written alphabets is lot smaller though, an ext like 20 or 30. Amongst them is the Latin based alphabets, i m sorry does include English.


There was likewise the idea of bloodletting, of i m sorry the practitioners were called ‘bloodletters.’ Bloodletting was a an extremely common, commonly accepted technique of curing illnesses and disease, fine into and up til the end of the 18th century. It was common all about the world, even in european countries, and was one of the most commonly taught techniques of therapy taught come surgeons and also medical specialists of the time.

Even after the introduction of ‘modern medicine’, some civilization still continued to practice this currently archaic technique of treatment. Despite this riddle does not particularly discuss or manipulate blood letting, the is still exciting to recognize that also until the mid 20th century, us were quiet draining the blood that sick human being in the hopes that it would cure castle of their ailments. Thanks to modern-day medicine though, and forward reasoning people, we are past that phase of clinical treatment, because that good.

Written Communication

This Riddle does specifically manipulate the certainly of ‘letter’ by making use of this form of letter as the mislead answer. Creating messages between multiple human being has to be a point humans have actually been law ever since writing, in any form, was a thing. We have actually uncovered composed communications in between parties in human beings as far ago as old Egypt and old India, every the way up to the current modern-day day.

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Written does not necessarily average ‘by hand’ though. Look in ~ the most modern method of communication which is also considered written, of texting or some form of virtual Messaging. Even this blog is taken into consideration written communication. Also though we have actually not specifically sent out you a letter, we are using this written type to convey a message to you. We can mail it to you if girlfriend like, via email though, and then it would certainly be considered a letter!


While there space multiple different forms of ‘letters’, this Riddle only focuses on 2 of them: the character provided to type words and also the composed communication between parties. Much of this can be researched on her own, if you are interested past what we have written here. A an excellent place to start would be the Wikipedia Page about letters.

One last Thing:

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