Before we begin, let"s understand the definition of the square root. The symbol square root is created as √ and also is one integral component of mathematics. Once you know the basics of detect the square root of a number, you can solve any square root-related problem. In this quick lesson, we will certainly learn around the square source of 32. 32 is not a perfect square number. Hence, the square root of 32 is an irrational number. We will certainly be using methods like prime factorization and division, and learn exactly how to find the end the square source of 32. Us will additionally focus top top some solved examples based on square root of 32Let united state see what the square source of 32 is:

Square source of 32: √32 = 5.65685424...

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Square of 32: 32² = 1024
1.What is the Square root of 32?
2.Is the Square root of 32 reasonable or Irrational?
3.How to find the Square source of 32?
4.Important Notes 
5.FAQs top top Square source of 32

What is the Square root of 32?

The square source of any number x have the right to be written as √x. Let there be a number a such that x = a × a. Now it can likewise be composed as: a² = x or a = √x . Therefore, a is dubbed the 2nd root of x.

Now, if x = 32, climate a = √32 is the square root of 32. In the most basic radical form, √32 = √(16 × 2) = 4√2The decimal form of √32 = 5.657

Is the Square root of 32 rational or Irrational?

The square source of 32 is an irrational number through non-terminating digits.√32 = 5.65685424…The square root of 60 can not be created in the kind of p/q, for this reason it is one irrational number.

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How to discover the Square root of 32?

There room 2 main methods we use to discover the Square root of 32-

Prime FactorizationLong division

There room other approaches as well, much more of which can be known by click here

Prime Factorization

To uncover the square root of 32, us shall very first express the in regards to its element factors.32 = 2 × 2 × 2 × 2 × 2. Next, this deserve to be lessened further to 32 = 16 × 2Finally, to discover the source of this from right here is really easy, √32 = √(16 × 2)√32 = 4√2= 4 × 1.414= 5.656 

Therefore, the Square source of 3 is 5.656

Long Division

Step 1: location a bar end 32. We likewise pair the 0s in decimal in pairs of 2 native left to right.Step 2: uncover a number together that when you main point it v itself, the product is less than or same to 32.We know that 5 × 5 is 25 and also is much less than 32. Now let us divide 32 by 5Step 3: allow us place a decimal point and bag of zeros and also continue our division.Now, add the divisor 5 with itself and also the amount becomes the beginning digit that our next divisor.Step 4: choose a number in the unit"s location for the new divisor such that its product with the same number is less than or same to 700.If we placed a 6 in the one’s place, our product is much less than 700. We obtain 106 × 6 = 636.We continue doing the same procedures till we gain the variety of decimals we require.

So ours long division now looks choose this:


Explore Square Roots utilizing illustrations and interactive examples

Important Notes

The square root of 32 ≈ 5.656The square source of 32 in its simplest radical kind is 4√2√32 is irrational. Its genuine roots space +5.656 and -5.656

Example 1: Kate desires to purchase a square plot i beg your pardon is 32 miles² in area. She plans on fencing the area and also wants to calculation the expense of law so. If the expense per mile of fencing is $100, discover the expense of fencing the entire perimeter that the plot?


First, to calculate the cost of fencing us would require the perimeter that the land.To uncover the perimeter, we need to discover the side length first.Side size is the square source of the area because that a square.Therefore, the next length below will be √32 = 5.656, and also the perimeter 4 times this.Therefore, the total cost the fencing = 4 × 5.656 × 100 = $2262.4

Example 2: What will be the distance spanned by a car travelling in ~ 4√2 miles every hour in 2 hours?

Solution: Distance covered = rate × TimeTherefore, the auto covers a complete distance of 4√2 × 2 = 5.656 × 2 = 11.312 miles