When there is a temperature difference between the land surface and also the ocean, winds will move offshore.

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Although commonly connected with ocean shorelines, floor breezes can also be experienced near any huge body the water such together a lake.

Land breezes usually occur at night since during the day the sunlight will warmth land surfaces, however only come a depth of a couple of inches.

At night, water will retain an ext of its warmth than land surfaces because water has a high warm capacity.

Furthermore, the temperature of the floor cools quickly without the insolation native the sun.

Heat is promptly re-radiated earlier to the surrounding air resulting in the water follow me the shore to climate be warmer 보다 the seaside land, developing a net movement of air from the floor surfaces in the direction of the ocean.

The motion of the wind is a an outcome of differences in air pressure over the land and the ocean.

Warm air is much less dense and also rises, therefore cool wait is an ext dense and sinks.

As the temperature that the land surfaces cool, the warmth air rises and creates a tiny area of high pressure near the land surface.

Since winds blow from locations of high to low pressure, the net movement of wind is native the coast to the water as presented in the picture to the right.



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