1. "The best in this kind are yet shadows" is A. Titania talking about men. B. Theseus talking about plays. C. Demetrius talking about the females he has actually loved in the past. D. Bottom talking around his fellow craftsmen. 2. One difference in between tragedy and comedy is that tragedy A. Provides supernatural elements. B. Usually attributes an particularly hero. C. Renders us laugh in ~ ourselves, no others. D. Uses an allegory and analogy to make its point. 3. As soon as are the complying with lines spoken? If we shadows have actually offended, Think yet this, and all is mended, that you have however slumber'd here, While this visions go appear. A. When Hermia and Lysander are talking B. Right prior to Puck casts a order on Bottom C. As soon as Theseus and Hippolyta space talking around their wedding D. In ~ the an extremely end of act 5 4. What walk the decided in question 3 mean? A. The audience must be offended by the poor acting. B. The the audience think it's a bad play, it's no the actors' fault. C. If there to be flaws in the play, the audience have to think they were dreaming. D. The playwright will try to carry out a far better job the next time. 5. Dramatic irony means that A. The cosmos, state, family, and also individual follow the same pattern. B. The audience knows something the character or personalities don't. C. Things space going come end very badly for someone. D. Whatever works the end in the end. 6. Egeus wants his daughter to A. Marry Demetrius. B. Marry Lysander. C. It is in executed. D. Go into a convent. 7. In action 3, who says the adhering to lines come Bottom? the end of this wood carry out not desire come go: thou shalt continue to be here, even if it is thou it must be or no. I am a soul of no common rate. A. Titania B. Puck C. Oberon D. Cobweb 8. In act 4, what execute the following lines mean? Fairy King, attend, and also mark: I execute hear the morning lark. A. The enchantment on Bottom is about to end. B. Titania is around to autumn in love with Bottom. C. Theseus and also Hippolyta are arriving. D. The sun is coming up and also the fairies must leave. 9. During the Renaissance, dramatists started writing around A. Science. B. Religion. C. History. D. Everyday people. 10. In action 5, why does Hippolyta think the lovers' story of your time in the forest? A. She believes the women since she's a queen. B. She desires to safeguard the lovers. C. The lovers' stories all match. D. She desires to protest Egeus. 11. Humanists believe that A. Love is an illusion. B. Life on planet is crucial in its very own right. C. Humans and animals existed on the exact same level. D. Shakespeare didn't actually write the plays we think that did. 12. To who is Helena speaking as soon as she says, "If you were civil and also knew courtesy,/You would not do me thus much injury" (act 3, step 2)? A. Hermia only B. Lysander and Demetrius C. Demetrius and also Hermia D. Hermia and also Lysander 13. According to Renaissance philosophy, commoners regularly represent A. Reason. B. Love. C. Pride. D. Appetite. 14. Who speaks the heat "Lord, what fools this mortals be"? A. Puck B. Cobweb C. Oberon D. Mustardseed 15. Who states "The food of true love never did operation smooth"? A. Titania B. Bottom C. Lysander D. Demetrius 16. The ability of authors to totally identify with their personalities is A. An unfavorable capability. B. Ambiguity. C. Hypocrisy. D. Satire. 17. Making use of pairs the opposites, such together Helena and also Hermia, is dubbed A. Realism. B. Irony. C. Doubling. D. Foreshadowing. 18. The craftsmen in the play speak in prose due to the fact that A. As well much empty verse it s okay tiresome. B. Theseus would have forbidden lock to use verse. C. That kind of typical language symbolizes their condition in life. D. It's the language the love. 19. In act 1, the reader learns that Hermia's father refuses to allow her come marry Lysander. What execute Hermia and also Lysander arrangement to execute to counteract his refusal? A. Run away to be married. B. Usage a potion to to convince Hermia's father. C. Go together to talk to Hermia's mother. D. Take their situation to Theseus, fight it out of Athens. 20. Read the complying with passage from act 3, scene 2. So we grew together, favor to a double cherry, seeming parted, however yet an union in partition; In this passage, Helena is introduce both to herself and also to A. Titania. B. Lysander. C. Oberon. D. Hermia. deserve to someone please assist me

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