The fatality of Bruno Mars" mother in 2013 gave the 24k Magic singer a brand-new perspective on life and mhistoricsweetsballroom.comic. Throughout an interview v Latina Magazine, Bruno shared exactly how her sudden death rocked his world. "My life has changed, he said. "She"s an ext than mine mhistoricsweetsballroom.comic. If I might trade mhistoricsweetsballroom.comic to have actually her back, ns would. I always hear she say, "Keep going and also keep doing it.""

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Bruno states that his mhistoricsweetsballroom.comic and life readjusted after the fatality of his mother Photo: Instagram/

The 31-year-old"s mother, Bernadette mountain Pedro Bayot, passed away at the age of 55 after experiencing a brain aneurysm while house in Hawaii. The lose of Bernadette, that performed with the Grammy-nominated singer when he was a child, teach the singer to worth family an ext than anything.

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“You jhistoricsweetsballroom.comt gotta understand that she’s with me all over I go,” the February covering star said. “It’s something that you can not imagine — the pain and the points that you store going ago to: ‘I wish ns would’ve done this or claimed this.’"

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He continued: "You jhistoricsweetsballroom.comt have to see life differently. It mirrors you the real prestige of life. Nothing else matters in this world but family and also your loved ones.”


Bruno and Jessica have been with each other for six years Photo: Larry Bhistoricsweetsballroom.comacca/Getty pictures for NARAS


Bruno likewise credited his mother for to teach him how to treat a woman and create a lasting relationship. Despite he doesn"t divulge much around his six-year connection with Jessica Caban, the did say: "The woman who taught you to love, verified you what a woman is supposed to be."

Only 3 weeks ~ his mother"s death, the Versace on the Floor singer was collection to begin a human being tour. When he says that he remained in "shambles," he knew that his mommy wouldn"t desire him to protect against performing or living his life. "I didn"t know what to do," he told Rolling rock magazine in October 2016. "There"s nothing you have the right to do. Girlfriend jhistoricsweetsballroom.comt sphere up and also bawl your eyes the end every day."

"I"d pray and ask, "What perform you desire me to do?"" he continued. "And ns felt like what she wanted me to do was keep going. She wouldn"t want me to stop."