One Piece: 10 truth Everyone need to Know around Gear fourth Introduced during the Dressrosa Arc, Gear fourth is Luffy"s most powerful and versatile form. Here are 10 must-know facts around it.

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Time proved that Eiichiro Oda"s decision to provide Luffy, One Piece"s protagonist, the ability to large his body to be a masterstroke. Over the manga"s an extensive run, the lovable pirate has actually extended and expanded his limbs and also torso come craft some unique, fun, and explosive techniques.

Luffy is a an effective character whose strength lies through his creative mind; together he grows much more familiar with the Gomu Gomu no Mi evil one Fruit"s applications and other self-controls like Haki, the Straw Hats" captain pushes himself beyond his limits to discover brand-new forms and also attacks.

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Introduced in thing 783 that the manga and also episode 725 that the anime, Gear 4th is Luffy"s many recent form, through the protagonist bringing out the change during his intense fight with Doflamingo. Although the is a pretty far-reaching departure from Gear 2nd and Third, Gear 4th is entirely in maintaining with the mechanics the govern Luffy"s abilities. Here are 10 truth about Luffy"s form that everyone have to know.

at any time Luffy busts out equipment Fourth, the instance is typically characterized by desperation. Every one of the Gears take a lot the end of him, but Gear 4th is especially taxing; consequently, Luffy do the efforts to avoid using the whenever possible. In spite of not debuting the type until the Dressrosa arc, Luffy learned to usage Gear fourth while he to be training on Rusukaina island throughout the two-year timeskip.

Gear fourth helped Luffy bridge the power gap that be separated him and also the 500 beasts found on the fatal island, and it would later serve a comparable purpose throughout his fights with Doflamingo and Charlotte Katakuri.

The Gomu Gomu no Mi did no just give Luffy the capacity to large his arms and legs, but the evil one Fruit literally rotate his whole body right into rubber.

When it involves activating gear Fourth, Luffy bites a Haki coated eight to blow air into his body while widening his bones and also muscles, essentially transforming himself right into a huge balloon. Once this procedure has to be completed, Luffy can reconfigure his body through the usage of Haki.

Luffy has been inflating his body for comedic effect since the start of One Piece, for this reason what precisely makes equipment Fourth different from every time he i do not care an massive sac after ingesting all of the food in a city? Well, the answer is Armament Haki.

Armament Haki allows the user to harden specific body parts to heighten your offensive and also defensive capabilities. Generally, Haki circumvents someone"s evil one Fruit powers, but Luffy"s Gear 4th combines the two with each other by coating his inflated body v Haki, which can then be used to reshape his body as necessary. Consequently, Luffy maintain his evil one Fruit"s elasticity and Haki"s armor-esque capabilities.

7 combine The Best elements Of Gear second & Third

Gear 4th combines elements from both the its predecessors. Equipment Second involves Luffy boosting the blood flow in his body or to particular limbs to enhance their destructive potential and also speed. Exhausting together it might be, Gear second is design to improve Luffy"s regular techniques and also can last rather a couple of minutes; conversely, Gear third is all about landing that one an effective blow. Luffy breathes air into his arm to increase the dimension of his bones before unleashing a final hit.

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Gear fourth combines equipment Second"s full-body manipulation with gear Third"s sheer strength to develop the ultimate form that offers speed, strength, and longevity.

If there is a common theme among every one of Luffy"s forms, the is the they room not infallible. Prefer its instant predecessor, Gear 4th takes a far-ranging toll ~ above Luffy"s human body and, once the form"s limit is reached, he is left defenseless because that a time. If the form fails to obtain the project done, then Luffy is calculation too worn down to have the ability to defend himself, especially if that is unable to get his hand on some food come replenish his reserves.

Due come revolving around the compression of his limbs, Gear fourth requires Luffy to acquire up near and personal to his targets, make it not a an excellent option because that ranged attacks. However, the does not median Gear fourth is no versatile.

5 form One: Boundman

since Gear Fourth requires Luffy distributing air transparent his body, it can take miscellaneous forms relying on which components are prioritized and also coated v Haki. Boundman, gear Fourth"s original version that made that debut throughout Luffy"s fight v Doflamingo, focuses on the top body, specifically the arms and torso.

While Boundman considerably increases Luffy"s speed, strength, and defense, it is likewise quite an overwhelming to control and also causes him come constantly bounce. Due to the fact that it do the efforts to it is in a jack of every trades, Boundman hit its ceiling fairly quickly.

as Tankman has only been provided once, it might be a little of stretch to explain it together its own form. That said, it does show Gear Fourth"s adaptability. During his fight v Charlotte Cracker, Luffy ends up eating so countless cracker soldiers the he i do not care a vast blob the cannot even move. Watch defenseless, Cracker attempts come attack One Piece"s hero, only for Luffy come activate equipment Fourth and become Tankman.

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Tankman is mostly an attack-minded stance and considerably increases Luffy"s power, yet it comes at the cost of mobility. In fact, Luffy cannot move at all in this form and relies on bouncing strikes from his opponents.

3 kind Three: Snakeman

If Boundman and also Tankman are equipment Fourth"s all-rounder and also attack-minded creates respectively, then Snakeman is the most speed-oriented variant introduced to date. Provided as a method to counter"s Charlotte Katakuri"s agility and incredible predictive accuracy, Snakeman allows Luffy provide faster strikes than ever before while also permitting for your trajectories come be altered mid-flight.

Snakeman"s biggest asset is that an assault grows progressively much faster and more powerful the much longer it take away to reach the opponent. It also uses Observation Haki to try and predict the target"s movements.

Unlike Dragon Ball"s super Saiyan forms, Luffy"s Gears are transformations born the end of the character"s expertise of his body and also are not "unlocked" in a traditional sense. Luffy made use of his understanding of Haki and also the elasticity afforded through his adversary Fruit to craft the versatile equipment Fourth, and also it seems unlikely another level will be introduced in the future.

As gear Fourth"s existing forms have proven less than effective versus Kaido throughout the continuous Wano nation Arc, the is just a matter of time before Luffy reveals another variant of the transformation. When it pertains to Gear Fourth, the sky is the limit.

1 the Is perfect In maintaining With One Piece"s Spirit

when Luffy first debuted gear Fourth, the transformation was open minded mocked through Doflamingo as result of its monster presentation and also the truth it brought about the protagonist come constantly bounce. Although the villain"s laughter passed away the 2nd Luffy prove the form"s potential, there is no denying the Gear 4th looks nice silly. Its presentation is not assisted by the Haki ~ above Luffy"s human body resembling defect tattoos.

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Ever due to the fact that the beginning, Oda want Luffy"s powers to be ridiculous and also fun. Be it gear Second"s pink hue, equipment Third"s hilarious after-effect, or gear Fourth"s blend of terror and also silliness, Luffy"s abilities have constantly been defined by absurdity.

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