“When the strength of love overcomes the love of power, the civilization will know peace,” is a quote attributed come the popular artist Jimi Hendrix.

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The native love and power recorded my eye when I first came throughout this quote. I recognized what i saw and I had actually to say it the end loud a pair times before I establish its deep meaning.

“When the strength of love…” — I choose this since it offers love a resource of strength to begin with. Love is just one of the many potent responses a person being deserve to share v someone.

Then, ”..Overcomes the love of power — This is whereby I saw love walk from potent to simply seriously poisonous. If love is a an answer of human being beings and our love is focused on power, there is no love; over there is no link — simply a journey for control and no sympathetic actual feel that love.

So, after ~ sitting and also dwelling top top this quote for a while, ns realized something. The human being does not love its world the way it should.


Erin D’Aleo / graphic Editor:Ricciardi compare a Jimi Hendrix quote to the United says of America and the love the government does not present its people.

Therefore, we perform not live in peace, but instead we watch families live in hunger, die without ever before seeing a doctor’s care, or are offered a gun and also told come go death overseas.

We perform not live in peace, because the love of strength is also strong, and also the power of love…well, whereby is it?

On Dictionary.com love is defined as a profoundly tender, passionate affection for an additional person. An additional description is a emotion of warm an individual attachment or deep affection, together for a parent, kid or friend.

When looking right into Hendrix’s words, I found someone else had shared this knowledge. BetterWorld.net had actually written, “We look forward to the time as soon as the power of Love will replace the Love that Power. Then will our human being know the blessing of peace,” wilhelm Gladstone said in the 1800’s.

Gladstone was ideal that tranquility is a blessing. Ns really great that part stayed with Hendrix when he reworded it. Peace brings happiness and mercy and also that is precisely what a blessing is. I like to think that at some point I will live in a peaceful people — one through no war, perhaps one whereby parents won’t leaving their children, or one whereby the sick might be treated, covered by health treatment or not.

Focusing top top this nationally, if the U.S. Human being loved united state — if lock loved your people, then why is health treatment one of the most profiting companies in this country?

We refuse sick world coverage because we think they will price too lot money to treat. We don’t placed your dying mommy or father on the list for donors because United health and wellness One, Assurant wellness or any type of other health and wellness insurance agency doesn’t cover them.

Health care is for the profit, no the people. It’s because that the power and also control, not the love and also care.

Claire Andre and also Manuel Velasquez wrote an write-up on scu.edu and also told Americans’ stories.

The short article read, “In Alameda County, a personal hospital turned away a woman in labor due to the fact that the hospital’s computer system showed that she didn’t have actually insurance. Hours later, her infant was born dead in a ar hospital.”

I’m certain that mrs loved she baby, and would’ve loved being a mother.

But plainly “We the people,” carry out not love others sufficient to let go of the money and also power this countrywide agency is providing.

Andre and also Velasquez claimed in your article, “Further, critics of health care for profit preserve that every persons have actually a ideal to live their resides with dignity. Mixing business with medication will inevitably lead to abuses that violate patient dignity. A patient is in a fragile position, necessarily trusting the the doctor’s decisions about his or her medical treatment will be guided exclusively by the patient’s best interests. But in a mechanism of for-profit wellness care, medical professionals will end up being subject to the manage of lay managers accountable come share-holders whose main aim is make a profit. Together hospitals will encourage physicians to encourage profit-producing drugs, surgeries, tests and treatments. And, clinical treatments and counseling doing not have profit potential, however effective, will be discouraged. Even much more worrisome are medical professionals who themselves own the infrastructure they operate. Medical professionals owning dialysis centers, for example, have been accused of placing patients on dialysis sooner than necessary and also putting off kidney transplants the would remove the require for dialysis altogether.”

The quote over really stated it all for me. Patients space manipulated and aren’t being treated in the best ways. The doctor only sees a profit, not a person.

These types of human being are harming society, however are being urged to action this means by higher authorities.

How can culture be therefore unethical? you look because that the finest in things, such as when they talk about prices that health treatment going down and such, yet you never ever see these promises come true.

The write-up continues, “The quantity we spend on health care every year has grown native $75 billion in 1980 to virtually $500 billion today. If this price continues, through the year 2020, we will certainly be security 40 cents of every dollar us make on wellness care.”

It additionally said over there are right now 37 million world in the United claims living without health insurance since they cannot afford it.

Look to your right. Currently look to her left. If over there is someone over there you love and care for, imagine castle gone.

They’re gone since the U.S. Government controls the system and also we don’t also know wherein to begin looking to readjust it.

They’re gone because a doctor wouldn’t take it them in.

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They’re gone because the strength of love has not, and probably never will, overcome the love the power.