I have a dead ceiling pan I"m trying to replace with 4 recessed lights. I took it under to uncover it has a 12/3 wire operation to it, and a 12/2 wire run from the (I believed it to be the last device on the run). The 12/3 is all on the same breaker.

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The black conductor was constantly warm and detailed power to the porch light and also apparently 2 outlets in mine bedroom. The red conductor was managed by a move in the dining room for the fan.

Unfortunately the fan was in a destructive place and also the 12/2 isn"t long enough to reach whereby I require it come go. My concern is:

Can I change the fixture box through a stole junction box, and also run 2 12/2 lines from it. Through Switched Red/Neutral/Ground running the 4 lights, and the hot Black/Neutral/Ground powering the 2 or 3 points downstream?

Here"s a quick doodle:


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asked Dec 15 "19 at 23:59

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You don"t also need to replace the fixture box. Fixture boxes are permitted to it is in junction boxes. Boxes room a PitA to change anyway, due to the fact that of the threat of damaging the cables and the close quarters. They do blanking plates because that unused ceiling boxes.

Also, presuming the box is a pan box, you might want to leaving it intact, in situation the next owner desires a ceiling fan or a irradiate there.

A Multi-Wire Branch Circuit is fine as you draw, as lengthy as the /3 cable floor on one breaker who handles space factory-tied together, or two independent breakers v a field-installed handle-tie the is UL noted for the breakers. There are a couple of other demands for MWBCs, yet they are irrelevant to your plan.

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It is legitimate to have actually two hots fed from two different legs native the electrical panel, it create what the code contact a Multiwire Branch Circuit. The hots deserve to separate any type of time ~ the first junction box, and also go different directions. For around 15 or twenty years now the NEC has compelled that the handles from the 2 circuits be handle tied and in the panel there are some wire grouping or marking requirements.

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