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Born:c.1300France...(Show more)Died:1377ReimsFrance...(Show more)Notable Works:“David”“Messe de Notre Dame”“Voir-Dit”...(Show more)Movement / Style:Ars Novapolyphony...(Show more)

Guillaume de Machaut, Machaut additionally spelled Machault, (born c. 1300, Machault, Fr.—died 1377, Reims), French poet and also musician, significantly admired by contemporaries together a master of French versification and regarded as among the leading French composers of the Ars Nova (q.v.) musical style of the 14th century. The is ~ above his shorter poems and also his music compositions the his call rests. He was the last great poet in France come think that the lyric and its musical setup as a solitary entity.

He took holy orders and in 1323 gone into the company of man of Luxembourg, king that Bohemia, whom he attach on his battles as chaplain and also secretary. He was rewarded because that this business by his meeting in 1337 together canon the Reims cathedral. After the king’s death, he found an additional protector in the king daughter, Bonne that Luxembourg, mam of the future king john II of France, and in 1349 in Charles II, king of Navarre. Honours and patronage ongoing to be lavished by kings and princes on Machaut at Reims till his death.

In his much longer poems Machaut did not go beyond the themes and genres already widely to work in his time. Mostly didactic and also allegorical practice in the well-worked courtly love tradition, they space of scant interest to the modern reader. One exception amongst the longer works is Voir-Dit, i m sorry relates exactly how a young girl the high rank falls in love through the poet due to the fact that of his reputation and an innovative accomplishments. The distinction in period is also great, however, and also the idyll ends in disappointment. Machaut’s lyric poems additionally are based on the courtly love theme however reworked right into a deft kind with a linguistic music that is frequently perfectly achieved. His influence—most considerably his technological innovations—spread beyond the boundaries of France. In England, Geoffrey Chaucer drew heavily top top Machaut’s city for aspects of The book of the Duchesse.

All that Machaut’s music has actually been preserved in 32 manuscripts, representing a huge part of the making it through music native his period. He was the first composer to compose single-handedly a polyphonic setup of the fixed ordinary, a work that has actually been recorded in contemporary performance. In many of this four-part setting he employs the characteristic Ars Nova technique of isorhythm (repeated overlapping of a rhythmic sample in differing melodic forms).

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Machaut’s secular compositions consist of the larger component of his music. His three- and also four-part motets (polyphonic song in which each voice has a various text) number 23. Of these, 17 room in French, 2 are Latin mixed with French, and 4, choose the spiritual motets the the beforehand 13th century, room in Latin. Love is often the topic of their texts, and all yet 3 rental isorhythm. Machaut’s 19 lais (see lai) room usually because that unaccompanied voice, although two room for three parts, and one is for two parts. They employ a good variety of music material, frequently from the renowned song and also dance. The his 33 virelais (see virelai), 25 consist specifically of a melody, and also they, together with the mass of his lais, stand for the last of together unaccompanied songs written in the heritage of the trouvères. The rest of his virelais have one or two added parts for instrumental accompaniment, and these are common of the add solo track that ended up being popular in the 14th century. The polyphonic song he wrote, in enhancement to his motets, covers 21 rondeaux and 41 the his 42 ballades. The broad distribution the his music in modern-day manuscripts reveals the he to be esteemed not only in France but likewise in Italy, Spain, and also much the the remainder of Europe.