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The most talented college football players don’t always land in the NFL. Phil Robertson is the perfect example of that.

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Not only did the “Duck Dynasty” star begin at quarterback because that Louisiana tech in the 1960s, he was in reality ahead of agree Football hall of call quarterback Terry Bradshaw top top the depth chart before he eventually decided ducks end football.

Bradshaw, of course, is well-known as among the ideal quarterbacks in NFL history for coming to be the very first overall choose in the 1970 NFL Draft and also leading the Pittsburgh Steelers to four Super key wins. However, the hall of Famer wasn’t the instant star in college at Louisiana tech University.

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For 2 seasons, it was the duck master, Phil Robertson, who took the breaks as the starting QB for the because that the Louisiana technology Bulldogs football team.

Phil Robertson football Career

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Duck empire star Phil Robertson was born in Vivian, Louisiana. That attended Louisiana tech University (nope, no LSU) for three periods in the late 1960s and started for 2 of those at quarterback before deciding his passion was in ducks, hunting and also everything outdoors, not in football.

Although his statistics didn’t present how talented the was, the is mental for having actually just as good of an eight as Bradshaw, if not much better in part ways. He perfect his career v 2,237 passing yards, 12 touchdowns and also 34 interceptions.


However, Robertson’s best flaw as a student-athlete to be his absence of focus and dedication to the sport and the classroom. He showed up come classes and practice covered in blood, duck feathers and also squirrel tails due to the fact that his fist was constantly on his love that hunting, fishing and also the outdoors, according to ESPN.

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There is not doubt that made the right choice, though. Rather of going pro and possibly do a hard living, he started a duck-call making business, the Duck command company, and also has since become well known for the display “Duck Dynasty” and also made numerous dollars.

Robertson’s network worth is estimated at $10 million, i beg your pardon is absolutely remarkable for someone who built a duck-call business from the floor up. That is also impressive contrasted to that of Bradshaw, who has an approximate network worth that $45 million.


To football fans, it might seem crazy to offer up the chance at the NFL, but it is additionally crazy to carry out something you aren’t passionate about. Robertson’s NFL career would certainly not have actually lasted really long if he to be staring up into the skies watching duck fly by choose he supposedly did if in college.

Phil Robertson Duck Dynasty


Phil Robertson acquired fame in a totally different means than terrycloth Bradshaw.

His pure eight talent placed him in a place to it is in the starting quarterback for the Bulldogs, however that might only take him so far if the would rather be the end duck hunting. Robertson’s greatest break most likely came as soon as he got a fact TV show about his company, lifestyle, and also family.

Phil Robertson got fame in a totally different means than terry Bradshaw.

He also set his family and also “Duck Dynasty” actors up quite well with his boy Willie Robertson, as well as his brother Si Robertson and wife miss out on Kay, acquiring tons of fame and popularity from their show.

The whole Robertson household is “happy, happy, happy,” ~ the money they have each made in the years due to the fact that their present debuted.

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This write-up was initially published august 15, 2019.

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