How to settle WoW Screenshots no Saving?

Double inspect All Folders

It is recommended the you check every one of the different feasible folders wherein the game could be saving your screenshots. Over there are countless different feasible locations, and also the present one which has been specified sometimes tends to adjust after update that room released for people of Warcraft. Firstly, go into the folder wherein the screenshots space usually saved for all players and also double-check to see if your new capture frames are right here or not.

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The pathway for this folder is C:\Program papers (x86)\World of Warcraft_retail_\Screenshots. If they aren’t in this abovementioned location, you can also shot out browsing in the folder where the .exe document for WoW is stored. They could be in either of these locations, so make certain to double-check lock both.

OneDrive Interference

OneDrive is one application accessible for windows that enables users to carry out all sorts of various things with their computers. It likewise provides the option to conserve any brand-new screenshots girlfriend take inside of the app. This program might be the one resulting in your issue. Anytime you take a screenshot, OneDrive can be interfering and either conserving your captured WoW photos within of that or not conserving them in ~ all.

Check the location …OneDrive/Pictures/Screenshots to check out if this is the instance or not, and also make sure that you’ve completely blocked it from interfering v WoW from currently on so that this type of issue doesn’t reoccur. To carry out this, you need to opt-out of the attribute to conserve things through OneDrive from within the application’s setup themselves.

Repair video game Files

Once you’ve made sure that no various other application such as OneDrive is bring about a trouble with WoW screenshots and that lock aren’t already saved in some various folder, it is more than likely that there is a trouble with the video game files.

That said, you’ll need to make the most out the the Battle.net scan function by scanning for every WoW associated files and also ensuring that none are corrupted or damaged in any kind of way. Also if over there is any kind of difficulty with them, the applications will educate you and also likely carry out a an approach of solving the issue at your disposal too.

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