In plot 3, step 3 the Romeo and Juliet, Friar Laurence speak Romeo to walk to Mantua, a town around 40 miles south of Verona, after ~ Prince Escalus banishes Romeo indigenous Verona for killing Tybalt.

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it is Friar Laurence who first suggests the Romeo walk to Mantua, after Romeo is banished native Verona through Prince Escalus because that killing Tybalt in act 3, step 1 of wilhelm Shakespeare"s Romeo and also Juliet:

FRIAR LAURENCE. Go gain thee to thy love, as was decreed, ... But...

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It is Friar Laurence who first suggests that Romeo walk to Mantua, after ~ Romeo is banished from Verona by Prince Escalus because that killing Tybalt in plot 3, step 1 of william Shakespeare"s Romeo and also Juliet:

FRIAR LAURENCE. Go acquire thee come thy love, together was decreed,... But look thou stay not till the watch be set,For climate thou canst not pass come Mantua,Where you shalt live till we can find a timeTo blaze her marriage, reconcile her friends,Beg pardon that the Prince, and call thee backWith twenty hundred thousand times much more joyThan thou went"st soon in lamentation. (3.3.152—160)

Friar Laurence reminds Romeo to leave Verona by morning or danger being arrested by the "watch" (3.3.154, 173), a group of 3 or four watchmen who patrol the city. Friar Laurence claims that he"ll send message to that by "your man," (3.3.175) definition Balthasar, a servant of the Montagues.

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Romeo climate spends his wedding night through Juliet and also departs because that Mantua in the early morning of the following day. (3.5.58)

After Romeo pipeline for Mantua (about 40 miles southern of Verona), Lady Capulet concerns Juliet"s room to wake Juliet, and also tells her the she plans to toxicity Romeo in Mantua (3.5. 90–95). The Capulets resided in Mantua once Juliet was born, which the audience learns from the Nurse in act 1, step 3 in a conversation in between the Nurse and Lady Capulet about Juliet"s age:

NURSE. Remember it well.... Mine lord and also you were climate at Mantua.(1.3.26, 32)

Romeo is living in Mantua as soon as Balthasar travels over there in plot 5, scene 1 come tell him the Juliet is dead (5.1.17–20). Romeo tells Balthasar to hire steeds so they deserve to hurry earlier to Verona (5.1.26). Once Balthasar leaves to hire the horses, Romeo decides come buy some poison and also travel ago to Verona to death himself beside Juliet in her tomb (5.1.36–54).

Romeo travels through Balthasar come Verona, and also they arrive at Juliet"s tomb the night (5.3.22), i m sorry is once Romeo kills Paris (5.3.72–73), then goes right into the Capulet tomb wherein he takes the poison and also dies next to Juliet:

ROMEO. Here"s to my love! (Drinks the poison.) O true apothecary!Thy drugs space quick. Therefore with a kiss ns die. (5.3.119–120)