Fast travel back to the WKML broadcast Station… sure, you’re right next to it, but who desires to climb their method back up there? native here, go north-east under some stairs to discover a ruined road… or parking lot. Whatever, crumbling asphalt. In the distance, to the east, you have to spot one orange and also yellow truck. Head end there to discover Drowned Devil’s Crossing, i m sorry is technically the leg to the east, south-east… but that doesn’t stand out quite and also the truck, eh? part truly epic random encounters have the right to spawn here sometimes. Ever before want to check out a group of Sentry Bots fight it out with Deathclaws? over there aren’t too plenty of other places in the video game where such an encounter can happen. Hop into the earlier of the truck and loot. In the ago of the van you’ll discover a locked for sure and also on the ground near it a copy that Tumblers Today . Top top your means out of the van you’ll notification some Raiders have actually returned, and also are none also happy that you’ve to be rummaging through their stuff and also killing their guards.

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2) The silver- Lining Drive-In

Book - Grognak the Barbarian

From the truck near Drowned Devil’s cross head south, south-west until you discover a little shack. Top top a table, on optimal of some various other books, you’ll find a copy the Grognak the Barbarian . This shack is near The silver Lining Drive-In, which is simply a wee little south that the shack. There’s nothing else interesting around this place, but at least it’s a map marker.

3) Faded Pomp Estates

Book - Pugilism Illustrated

Return come the silver- Lining Drive-In and from right here travel south, south-west to find the Faded Pomp Estates. Not much to do here however move among the damaged buildings and also loot. Not whatever we do requirements to it is in a chore. I imply working your method from the north under to the southern until you with Roosevelt Academy. Among the residences has a for sure inside of it, as well as numerous various other lootable containers. Eastern of the residence with the for sure is an additional house with a copy of Pugilism Illustrated on peak of a tiny Burned publication in front of a chimney.

4) A Wanderer close to Roosevelt Academy

Now it’s time to explore the Roosevelt Academy. We’re nearby, it’ll be easier to clear the end its inhabiting at sight Mutants currently than later, and… if we perform it now we won’t need to worry about this side of the map again until we’re level 30. Plus, there’s rather a bit of prey to be had, consisting of some ability books. What an ext incentive execute you need?

First step, that course, is clearing the grounds of supervisor Mutants. Next, a fast detour. Head south-east native Roosevelt Academy to discover a road. Follow it east until you with a bus. Native it, revolve north and also venture right into the Wasteland. Near some trees you’ll uncover a dock defiantly standing over a dried-up flow bed, on and also below i m sorry you’ll discover a bed, two ammo boxes and also a Mini-Nuke, among other various loot. Autumn down into the flow bed and explore increase its length to the north, north-east, whereby you must run into “A Wanderer” and their dogs. They’re hostile, so perform your thing, then loot them because that a unique suit that armor referred to as Wanderer’s animal leather Armor .

When you’re done making the Wasteland a tiny less populated, go back to the Roosevelt Academy. There room three locations to check out here, Roosevelt Academy, Roosevelt Arts and also Athletics Hall, and also Roosevelt Library. Let’s explore Roosevelt Academy first. Go into through the north of the two doors.

5) Radroach Ruse - (Roosevelt Academy)

To the east you’ll find a bathroom v a couple of Radroaches in it. This area will illustrate a Radroaches’ biggest threat in ~ this phase in the game-their threat indicators are, that course, no different from any type of other foe’s, leave you to wonder if you’ll run right into some Radroaches or supervisor Mutants about the following corner. Booty the Dead Settler and also continue eastern to find a Nuka-Cola Vending Machine. Now head earlier west and loot a it is provided room. Don’t stroked nerves going increase or down any kind of stairs just yet, rather head south down the locker-lined hallway opposite the door you entered.

6) Clearing the Classrooms

Explore the classrooms come the left, taking care to disarm the pilgrimage wire in the door and avoid a Grenade Bouquet. Continue to the south, looting as you go till you pertained to a big open room. A corpse will autumn from a feet in the ceiling as you approach. Welcoming.

7) Nurse’s Office

Book - D.C. Newspaper of interior Medicine

To the west you’ll uncover the Nurse’s office, which has actually several very first aid box about, and also typical medical equipment like Crutches, clinical Braces, and also some drugs. Top top a workdesk you’ll discover a D.C. Journal of inner Medicine . You’ll also find a locked for sure that can be opened by hacking a terminal .

8) Administration

Book - Pugilism Illustrated

Go eastern to uncover the management wing. Inspect out the men’s hygiene on this next of the building to discover a dead Wastelander, part Cherry Bombs, and a dead Raider, beside which is a copy that Pugilism Illustrated . Loot the desks in the administration office, and also search the Headmaster’s office. Top top the desk is the Headmaster’s Terminal and a Pre-War Book. Every you have the right to really do with the terminal is activate a Protectron, which is nice much simply a waste of time.

9) Roosevelt Academy Stash

Go back up the stairs and also through a doorway to the east to find some stairs. Go up them till you’re in a hallway heading west. Go through a door to the right to find an ext Super Mutant occupied rooms. These rooms have some young loot, and will eventually wrap about to part stairs under to close to where us entered. Head under the hallway west from the stairs, then rotate left to discover a room which is lacking much that its floor. Over you room some super Mutants, which space easy enough to dispose of which sneak attacks. Sneak about the leaf of the room and also go through the door on opposing side. Walk up part stairs and throughout a wood bridge to find a room with three ammo boxes, two metal boxes, and also a locked cabinet .

10) Down and Out

Now drop come the floor floor… no all in one go, psychic you, first drop come the level below then drop come the soil level. When you’re earlier between the administration and nurse’s office head phibìc up the hallway, which will take you earlier near whereby you gotten in the level. From this doors revolve west, go v a door come the north, then walk down two flights the stairs to reach the Maintenence and Evacuation Tunnel.

11) Dead Folks and Sports equipment - (Maintenence and Evacuation Tunnel)

Go under the tunnel to find a most dead folks and also sports gear. In ~ a revolve in the tunnel will certainly be some refrigerators. Be cautious jumping around here, together there’s a grenade bouquet behind the steel drum, and also any little bump will knock that loose. Disarm the or collection it off and also continue on.

12) split Decision

You’ll arrive in a huge room with a pair of metal shelves through some goodies ~ above them. Loot, clean out every little thing Super Mutants can be lurking about, climate ponder your following move. Us can finish in two places, depending upon which door we take-by going through the door to southern we’ll with the Roosevelt Arts and also Athletics Hall, or we have the right to go v the west door to with Roosevelt Library. The course, the two paths link up plenty of times, so us might as well just discover this area in entirity before making a choice.

13) The Library Path

Go come the west and also through a door to discover a Wasteland Captive. Go south to discover a maintenence room v a fence surrounding the center of the room. Go southern some much more to uncover a sewer. You’ll only encounter a Radroach in here, yet be wary, the ar is full of gas and also will ignite if you fire off a pistol or toss an explosive. If you’re also timid, there’s a Frag Mine near a skeleton opposite the radiation barrels that’ll carry out it because that you, so it is in wary. Beyond these sewers you’ll come at tunnel with a steel shelf in one alcove. Upper and lower reversal the electrical switch over the steel shelf to open a door at the peak of the stairs to the south. Up part stairs to the southern you’ll uncover a door bring about Roosevelt Library.

14) The center Ground

Book - Pugilism Illustrated

Backtrack come the sewers through heading phibìc to discover a locked door simply south of some radioactive barrels. Unlock the door and head inside. Loot the steel shelf nearby to discover a copy of Pugilism Illustrated . If you head north you’ll eventually loop approximately to the very first room we gone into in the level, if you head north, then eastern you’ll uncover an alternate method to with the exact same area you’d reach if you simply head east.

15) The Arts and Athletic room Path

Go eastern up part stairs then take a best to find an alcove through a steel shelf complete of goodies. Proceed east and take one more right to find some stairs down terminating at a locked door . You’ll find another Wasteland Captive behind the door. Now continue to the east to find the door to Roosevelt Arts and also Athletics Hall. Whether you want to check out the Roosevelt Library or Roosevelt Arts and Athletics Hall first is totally up to her preference.

16) Let’s All go to the Lobby… - (Roosevelt Arts and Athletics Hall)

Head increase the stairs and go under the hallway to the west, browsing both the rooms ~ above the best for, among other boy treasures, a Pre-War Book. Overlook the very first door top top the left and continue come the end of the hallway, start the second door on the left. Go down the hallway to the south, again skipping the an initial door on the left, but searching the 2nd to uncover a closet v some medicine inside. As soon as the hallway ends head left to reach a lobby.

17) The speak to of the Stage

Sheet Music Book

There room two curved desks occupying the center of the lobby, and doors causing bathrooms, stairs up to the east, a door resulting in the capital Wasteland, and doors come the north causing an auditorium. Search the bathrooms and lobby and ignore the stairs, heading into the auditorium instead. Seize the Sheet Music Book top top the floor the the stage near some music stands and head v a door to the phibìc to return to the very first tunnel we explored.

18) scan the top Levels

Book - Tumblers Today

Go increase the stairs come the north, adhering to them up number of flights till you come to a room leading west. Go through the western-most door to the southern to find a tiny office room with two workdesks with a fair little of prey around. Prey the an initial aid box and also the wall surface safe behind the one desk prior to heading eastern into a bigger room with a more suspect floor. Navigate across the holey floor come find one more office room come the west on the southerly side the the room. Booty the very first aid box, ammo boxes, the wall surface safe , and grab the copy that Tumblers Today top top the workdesk behind the ammo boxes before heading right into the hallway to the south. Whichever staircase come the south you go down really doesn’t matter, as they’ll both take it you to a reasonably empty room above the lobby. Head back to the Maintenence and also Evacuation Tunnel and also enter the Roosevelt Library.

19) Lootin’ the Library - (Roosevelt Library)

Roosevelt Libary is a smaller area than the previous three locations, guarded by a solitary Super Mutant on high ground. In a bathroom come the south you’ll discover a Stealth young on the floor near a toilet. In the central room you’ll find a desk on the floor floor with several ammo boxes near it, a Nuka-Cola Quantum and also a Stealth young on top, a first aid box, and a wall safe behind it. Additionally grab the Sawed-Off Shotgun native the desk. Upstairs the super Mutant will have a crucial unlocking the former door, sparing friend the trouble of heading ago through the Maintenence and also Evacuation Tunnel. We’re now done with the Roosevelt Academy. Head south, south-east to uncover the MDPL massive Relay Station.

20) MDPL mass Relay Station

Book - Guns and Bullets

Approach the MDPL massive Relay terminal from the cliffs to the north and also pick the Raiders turn off at your leisure, as the rocks offer you ample cover and they’re fairly unlikely to find their means up come you. Loot the dwellings they’ve developed on height of the Power station for part minor loot prior to heading inside. Head north v a door and smite any kind of Raiders friend find, one of which will have actually a Flamer and wear the distinct Raider Arclite Helmet Torcher’s Mask , which is a well item for world who prefer fires and things the go boom. ~ above the table by the door you’ll discover a copy the Guns and Bullets , and a 10mm Pistol and 10mm Rounds. Booty the pistol cabinets, footlockers and also grab all the other random booty around. There’s likewise a terminal the unlocks a safe , i beg your pardon we’ll just need to come earlier for. Inside of my for sure was a solitary Nuka-Cola Quantum. Wow…


21) bad is an excellent and great is bad - (Paradise Falls)

From the MDPL mass Relay station head north-east. We’ll be spanning a little bit of distance-through the area populated by “A Wanderer” and onward until you find Paradise Falls. You have to spot the giant, one-armed, ice cream cone-wielding statue together you approach. When you obtain near a Slaver named Grouse will stop you. If your karma is evil you can make a karma inspect to acquire into sky Falls. If you’re an excellent or neutral, you’ll have to succeed at a Speech difficulty to bribe Grouse v 500 Caps. Failing that, you can constantly do a task for him and capture a VIP servant to gain in.

Either way, if you speak to Grouse he’ll try and get you to assist him through his job and also capture some specific slaves. If you expropriate he’ll offer you the Mesmetron , and tell you exactly how to capture slaves v it. This beginning the search “Strictly Business” , **** which will certainly be debated in the following step.

On the ground close to where Grouse usually sits is a Holotape with info pertaining come “The Replicated Man” quest. Note that as soon as the quest “The Replicated Man” is started you’ll at some point be approached through a woman called Victoria Watts, who is make the efforts to aid liberate enslaved Androids. She’ll offer you a component of the andriod and tell you to display it to the people looking for it, and also say that it to be killed. This is in every way less profitable than in reality doing the work and completing the quest.

Note: Weapon info (Mesmetron):

This total does almost no damage, however then again, its task is come stun, not kill. Use it on any type of NPC, even hostile Raiders, and you can connect with them and also make them put a servant collar on. If you want to it is in a Slaver, you’re walk to require this gun.

22) strictly Business

To finish the pursuit “Strictly Business” you’ll need to enslave Red (Big Town), Flak (Rivet City), Susan Lancaster (Tenpenny Tower), and also Arkansas (Minefield). To obtain Red ago you need to complete the search “Big problem in huge Town” , first… or at least uncover Red in Germantown Police HQ. As soon as trying to capture somebody, you have to make sure nobody rather is in vision (“mezzing” somebody will normally make adjacent NPCs hostile, and also in a location like Rivet City or Tenpenny Tower that can really suck), so it is in sneaky and shot to acquire them alone. As soon as the situation is ideal, shoot them through the Mesmetron , which works like any type of other gun: friend aim and fire, and also when the target is “mezzed” talk to them and get castle to put a collar on. If you have to buy much more ammo it’ll expense you 200 Caps for 10 rounds, and also Grouse is just too happy come take your money. When you’ve caught a target, return to Grouse for another slave collar. As soon as you’ve caught them all, this search is complete.

You’ll it is in doing this quest on your own time, ideally beginning after finishing “Big problem in huge Town” , and also progressing together you see fit. After capturing the targets, you deserve to return come Paradise drops and totally free them. You’ll need to disarm their collars (which needs a nice high Explosives skill), and clearly this won’t make the Slavers at Paradise drops happy, therefore don’t setup on doing any of this any type of time soon. If you desire to complete the quest, say, for the achievement/trophy, but don’t desire to address the potential fallout the comes v enslaving several of these folks, simply make a hard save, enslave lock all, don’t worry about collateral damage, get your reward, and reload.


23) Lock and Load - (Paradise Falls)

Head approximately Paradise Falls and a slave named Carter will certainly run by. His escape effort is short-lived however, as you’ll see. Continue up right into Paradise Falls and go eastern into “Lock and Load”. Go speak to Pronto and offer to obtain him twenty Chinese assault Rifles. It sounds prefer an high-quality proposition, and it is, however you can bring him any piece of crap Chinese assault Rifle, nevertheless of the condition. It’ll provide him a much far better inventory, and more Caps come trade with if you monitor through.

24) Slaver Barracks

Next head into the Slaver Barracks, which has plenty of stuff to steal. That cares around stealing indigenous Slavers anyways? girlfriend don’t also lose karma for it. Top top a shelf on the bottom floor is a keep in mind “Burn this Goddamn Jumpsuit”, and next come it is a Vault 77 Jumpsuit. Might too make lock yours.

25) Sammy’s Scheme

Go over to the bar to see a guy in metal armor called Ymir death a bartender called Frank. Earlier over by Eulogy’s Pad you can find a distinctive Pool Cue ~ above a swimming pool table called The Break . Grab it and also head south to the servant pens. Speak to a boy named Sammy, who will shot to orchestrate a an episode with you. If you gain him to tell girlfriend a plan, he’ll gain his girlfriend Squirrel, who will call you the you need to attach their computer system to the Paradise drops secure network. There space other ways to complete this quest, but since they involve purchase the kids or stealing the key and death every Slaver in the city, we’d probably much better just perform it your way.

Note: Weapon details (The Break):

It’s a pool Cue that’s marginally better than a regular Pool Cue… which means it’s quiet a pretty sucky weapon.

Head north-east to Eulogy’s Pad. Don’t be afraid to rob him blind… he’s no a nice guy, anyways. Be sure to seize Eulogy Jones’ Hat which is in a cubby west of his bed, the Holotape ~ above the table in the south-eastern corner, and of course, the Bobblehead - Speech . The Holotape is one means to begin the search “The Replicated Man” , i m sorry we’ll get to when we discover Rivet City. Take the loot out of his for sure including the Stealth Boy. Also, behind the staircase you’ll uncover a treasure trove the Nuka-Cola Quantum because that the stealing.

When you’re done looting, talk to Eulogy Jones. If you have evil karma you can try to to buy Clover turn off of him because that 1000 Caps. She’s probably not precious the asking price, yet it’s up to you. If you’re really looking come be bad you deserve to talk to him around getting a boy from little Lamplight as a slave. Lastly, you can offer to buy the kids from small Lamplight turn off of him, however it’ll price you 2000 hat to do so. You have the right to make a Speech check to lower the price to 1200 Caps… yet you can just rest them out for free, so why bother? Hack the Paradise falls Main Terminal and Update Network Connections before heading ago to the slaves.

27) Liberation!

Go talk to Squirrel to obtain the next part of the plan. You’re going to have actually to entice Forty away from the pen in order because that the kids to make a break because that it. Discover Forty and talk come him. If friend succeed in ~ a Speech inspect you can acquire him come go bother Eulogy around a raise. While he’s unable to do go talk to Squirrel again. He’ll phone call you the they’re all all set to leave… when you convince Penny come go.

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If friend succeed in ~ a fairly challenging Speech difficulty you have the right to convince castle to leave Penny behind. If not, questioning what demands to be done. Reportedly Penny wants to recognize that a friend named Rory is safe prior to she’ll go. Sammy and Squirrel take off, leaving you to deal with Penny. Again, if girlfriend succeed at a Speech an obstacle she’ll forget about Rory. If girlfriend can’t obtain her come go, you’ll need to steal a Paradise falls Box crucial from either fourty or Eulogy… or you deserve to grab the Paradise drops Box key from the table near Eulogy’s bed. If you let Rory go, he’s pretty much toast uneven you death every Slaver first. Whether he resides or die Penny’ll leave. Go meet them external of Paradise falls for your search reward.