I"m do the efforts to gain a 2006 Cobalt back on the road. It"s presenting the symptoms of run down battery (Dim lights, time on the radio is reset to 12:00, won"t start). The battery is original, for this reason it"s probably time for a new one anyway. The battery is not in the engine bay, despite it looks favor there room terminals to affix jumper cables to.


all this is great and it is in the trunk however do you charge it native the stems or in the engine just somewhere together the publication says
My Volvo has a comparable setup in the engine compartment. It"s battery is in the trunk. Try checking where the preventive tire would be.

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I discovered some beneficial advice on an altering the Cobalt"s battery in ~ yourcobalt.com.

So, together we all recognize the battery because that the Cobalt is located in the truck of the car. Its around a 20 minute transaction to change the battery.

...they proceed on with action by step instructions.


The battery is in the trunk next to the spare tire under the carpet. You will require a 10mm socket for the bolts top top the terminals and also a 13mm socket for the bolt on the strap the holds that in place. A socket expansion or deep fine sockets would be handy.

Lift increase the carpet.Remove the hydrogen vent pipe from the left next of the battery.Undo the 10mm bolt top top the an unfavorable battery cable and lift the cable the end of the way. Gently press on the clips top top the covering on the positive cable and lift it to reveal the boltUndo the 10mm bolt ~ above the hopeful battery cable and lift the cable the end of the way.Undo the 13mm bolt on the strap and also lift the strap out of the way. Note how the strap attaches come the bolt and the plastic spacer. Elevator the battery the end of the vehicle.

Reverse the procedure to install a brand-new battery. Note that girlfriend will lose your radio presets and also possibly any kind of current error codes. Ns think the radio is tied to the auto VIN, therefore you should not need to worry around any lock password or anti-theft procedures there.

There is a writeup with photos at the yourcobalt.com forums. It claims to disconnect the hopeful terminal first, however I was always taught "Last on first Off" because that the negative cable top top batteries.

If friend don"t have actually a nice long socket extension, be mindful not to brief the terminals through your socket wrench.

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I changed the old battery with a Delco component from a Chevrolet dealer. If you go aftermarket, examine for the presence and location the a hydrogen vent compatible v the vent tube. The vehicle will operation without it, however I don"t imagine hydrogen gas building up in the enclosed space of the trunk is a great thing. Remember, lead acid batteries provide off hydrogen gas once charging.