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The nitrogen cycle describes the activity of nitrogen within and also between the atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and also geosphere. The nitrogen cycle matters since nitrogen is vital nutrient because that sustaining life ~ above Earth. Nitrogen is a core component the amino acids, which space the building blocks the proteins, and also of main point acids, which are the building blocks of genetic material (RNA and DNA). When other sources such together light and also water room abundant, ecosystem productivity and also biomass is often minimal by the amount of accessible nitrogen. This is the primary reason why nitrogen is an important part the fertilizers offered to improve soil quality for agricultural activities.


Global readjust Infographic

The nitrogen cycle is an essential part of how the planet System Works. Click the picture on the left to open up the Understanding worldwide Change Infographic. Situate the nitrogen cycle icon and identify other earth system processes and also phenomena that reason changes to, or are influenced by, the cycle of nitrogen.

What is the nitrogen cycle?

Nitrogen cycles with both the abiotic and biotic parts of the earth system. The largest reservoir the nitrogen is uncovered in the atmosphere, mostly as nitrogen gas (N2). Nitrogen gas provides up 78% that the air us breathe. Most nitrogen start ecosystems via certain kinds the bacteria in soil and also plant roots that transform nitrogen gas right into ammonia (NH3). This process is called nitrogen fixation. A very small amount the nitrogen is solved via lightning connecting with the air. As soon as nitrogen is fixed, other varieties of bacteria convert ammonia come nitrate (NO3‑) and also nitrite (NO2–), which have the right to then be used by various other bacteria and also plants. Consumer (herbivores and also predators) acquire nitrogen compounds native the plants and animals they eat. Nitrogen returns to the soil as soon as organisms release waste or die and are decomposed by bacteria and also fungi. Nitrogen is released ago to the setting by bacteria acquire their power by breaking under nitrate and nitrite right into nitrogen gas (also referred to as denitrification).

A streamlined diagram reflecting terrestrial nitrogen cycling. Credit: Wikimedia

Nitrogen levels can vary considerably in aquatic and also terrestrial habitats, and can be affected by miscellaneous human tasks and eco-friendly phenomena, including:

Earth mechanism model about the nitrogen cycle

The earth system model below includes several of the processes and phenomena related to the nitrogen cycle. These processes run at assorted rates and also on different spatial and temporal scales. Because that example, permanent of nitrogen through bacteria wake up on little spatial scales, but human use of fertilizer can affect entire ecosystems. Deserve to you think of added cause and also effect relationships between the components of the nitrogen cycle and other processes in the earth system?


Explore the planet System

Click the linked bolded terms (e.g. agricultural activities, productivity and also biomass, and nutrient level) ~ above this web page to learn an ext about these procedure and phenomena. Alternatively, check out the Understanding global Change Infographic and also find new topics that space of interest and/or in your ar relevant to you.

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