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Fly fishing is mostly used come fish because that trout and salmon, which are generally used for short level food in F2P.

But fly fishing additionally provides part really an excellent early video game experience from levels 27 – 58, where endure can variety from 35k to 45k per hour!

This provides fly fishing the fastest method of obtaining level 99 fishing in OSRS, and one the the much faster P2P fishing methods.

So where are the ideal places to set up your rod and also catch part trout or salmon?

Let’s take it a look.

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5. Lumbridge


Starting off our perform is Lumbridge.

You’ll find this tiny spot as you leave the castle by the area infested through goblins.

There’s a river appropriate there wherein you can record some trout and also salmon. This point out is good for entry level players, together you deserve to easily cook the fish by bright a fire or using the Lumbridge food preparation range.

The variety in Lumbridge likewise decreases the chance of burning your fish, for this reason this spot is extra sweet.

But overall, it’s simply a solid method for brand-new players to train multiple skills close come one location.

You could even usage the fish because that cooking and fishing experience, and then eat the fish during combat.

Where come Find: Just between Lumbridge and the gate to Al Kharid, friend will watch a tiny river you have the right to fish in.

4. Isafdar


This location deserve to only be got to after completing Regicide, as it’s in the elven lands.

There’s no surrounding bank though, meaning you cannot bank what girlfriend fish here an extremely easily.

I would certainly recommend this spot only to can be fried ironmen, or ironmen who are low level and also need food come traverse the area – together there are countless traps which can badly damaged you.

This is also a decent location for lower levels to also fish as soon as doing elf slayer jobs at the Elf Camp, since there’s one eternal fire you can chef your fish on.

Where come Find: just south the the elf camp near the bridge bring about Prifddinas.

3. Tree Gnome Stronghold


Here’s another decent spot, this one situated right beside Brimstal’s Cave.

This used to it is in a very popular area because that fly fishing, back some various other spots have overtaken it.

But that still worth a mention!

A financial institution is reasonably close by, definition lower levels can financial institution their fish to cook or offer later.

I would certainly recommend this to short level players who are brand-new to the area and not prepared to leave, since it have the right to be daunting to acquire here without teleports unlocked.

The Gnome Stronghold uses a selection of training alternatives too, such as combat, agility, farming, and fishing.

So you’ll even have the ability to do various other things in between fishing trips.

Where to Find: near the Terrorbird cage and Brimstal’s cave in the south-western corner of the Stronghold.

2. Barbarian Village


This point out is the ideal F2P spot because that fly fishing, and also easily the many popular.

It’s follow me the flow Lum simply beneath barbarian Village, and also is the closestly spot come a bank (Edgeville bank).

This is also popular because there’s an eternal fire place right beside the fishing spot. This leads to numerous players who room power fishing, whereby they’ll fish, cook, and then drop their fish to start over.

Many players who room strictly F2P will also use this spot to go from level 20 to 99 fishing!

When you’re beginning off here, expect endure of about 20k per hour. This will boost to around 50k per hour once you’re a greater fishing level.

Where come Find: simply south of barbarian Village, along the river Lum i m sorry is close to the leg connecting barbaric Village.

1. Shilo Village


The number one finest spot to paris fish is there is no a doubt in Shilo Village.

Using tick manipulation, players can gain 55k – 65k suffer an hour appropriate here. Which is an extremely high for fishing, and also it’s just beaten by barbarian fishing!

If you carry out not great to tick manipulate, climate expect between 35k – 50k experience per hour, dependant on your fishing level.

It’s normally not recommend to use a bank for this. However if you must, then Shilo town is the closest paris fishing spot to a bank, making that a an excellent option because that that as well!

The just account construct where banking these fish makes sense, need to be low leveled ironmen who need the fish for training/cooking experience. Otherwise it’s much better to acquire the XP and keep going.

Members can likewise use Stripy Feathers because that rainbow fish here, and these offer an ext experience, but are slow to catch in its entirety – and also are because of this not recommended for grinding.

To gain accessibility to Shilo village you must first complete the pursuit “Shilo Village”, which is reasonably long and complicated for lower leveled accounts.

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Where come Find: just north that the bank and furnace, in the river the runs v the town.