Scrap iron have the right to be discovered as a regular harvest in various worlds and locations. The is also attainable from fishing chests, mobs, gardening, and also transmuting.

scrap stole wizard101

While agriculture for any kind of reagents in a details area, it’s advised to move realms.

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You completely look v a particular area; ensure that you i can not use missed any type of nook or cranny.

Once you’ve acquired all the scrap iron from claimed area, you then switch realms and also repeat the steps. You perform this because that every realm and you should acquire at least 40 irons minimum. That is a little bit tedious, yet definitely precious it for the straightforward acquirement of a reagent.

When completed, switch areas, and then follow the exact same process. Part realms may have scrap iron, if some might not. However, that’s okay. Just keep ~ above switching worlds until you discover it. It is additionally advised to pick up any added reagent you might come across. You will have actually use because that it in the future.

There room various areas in the spiral whereby one can find scrap iron. Listed below is a thorough list with images showing where it can be found.


 Regent’s Square


Scrap stole can also be transmuted. The cooking recipes is marketed by various vendors at the cost of 300 gold.

Avery Templeton – Celestia base Camp & Felicia Worthington – Marleybone – Regent’s Square are the two many convenient merchants to obtain this cooking recipes from.

This recipe requires 10 stone block and also 10 ore every one scrap iron.


The reagent can additionally be harvested from gardening. A couple of plants drop these reagents.

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Burning Snap Dragon and Evil Magma Peas

Bosses and also Mobs

There are assorted mobs and also bosses that drop scrap iron. The list below contains the mob/bosses the are ideal recommended to farm this reagent.

 Sprockets- this creature deserve to be discovered in the eastern Counterweight dungeon. However, it is only available once the dungeon is done.

Gold Frill Spike Horns space mobs that can be uncovered in Azteca. The is located in Tierra de Brea. These mobs are basic to accessibility and are easily farmable.