Starring: Georgie Henley together Lucy Pevensie, Anna Popplewell as Susan Pevensie, william Moseley together Peter Pevensie, Skandar Keynes as Edmund Pevensie, Ben Barnes together Prince Caspian

Filming started in February 2007 in new Zealand, but unlike the ahead film, the majority of shooting took ar in main Europe, because of the bigger sets available in those countries. The film swaps mythical Narnia for new Zealand via less explored parts of the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovenia.

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Chateau de Pierrefonds, 50 km exterior Paris close to Compiegne in France, inspired the movie set of Miraz's castle.


 1940’s London was produced in Pargue, through the area surrounding the city’s famous concert hall, the Praha Rudolfinum, doubling because that Trafalgar Square.

The kids entered right into the Strand subway station, a civilization War II-era London secret station, through which they were whisked far to  an idyllic Narnian beach. In German, “strand” method “beach”. Once they arrive in Narnia, they come on a beach.

Mercury just on the Coromandel Peninsula offered as the settings for scenes in i beg your pardon the Pevensie kids took their first steps back into Narnia. One exceptional sight to be the Cathedral Cove, top top the eastern shore the the peninsula, and a majestic bluff rises numerous hundred feet above the ocean where the siblings discovered the damages of Cair Paravel, the fictional castle wherein the Kings and Queens of Narnia rule.

Photographer: wikimedia/Mike Bordignon


Coming more inland, the movie crew trekked to new Zealand’s south Island for woodland views. In brand-new Zealand, the entirety west coastline of the south Island is covered with ancient forests, i m sorry is tough to find in Europe.

These forest locations include Haast river Valley, Dart River, and woodlands near paradise Valley. The film’s final stop in brand-new Zealand was a privately-owned horse ranch exterior Queenstown referred to as Paradise.

The Dart river is crystal clear and has an emerald blue color as the Pevensie rowed the boat into the river valley with towering mountains on both sides. There are numerous tour companies obtainable that operate out the Glenorchy which offer tours increase the Dart River:

Photographer: teloro ~ above Flickr


The youngsters journey v the Gory Stolowe in lower Silesia, ~ above the border in between the Czech Republic and also Poland. Imressive labyrinthine sandstone rock formations, special deciduous and alpine forests and also brooding hills make it a really Narnian place.

Photographer: s3k ~ above Flickr
Photographer:  e1ther top top Flickr

One of the film’s most memorable collection pieces and breath-taking views was shot at Soca River, or Emerald River, at Bovec, Slovenia because of its resemblance to brand-new Zealand. The movie an equipment hired a real contractor to construct the bridge developed for the movie and later was destoryed to return the river to the way it was before filming. The water on the river Soca has actually a exorbitant emerald green shade that flows end white gravel.

Photographer: wikimedia/Florian Jesse


Part the the film's final battle at Aslan’s exactly how was shoot at Brdo an ar near Dobris and also Usti in the Czech Republic. 800 extras to be drafted in come flesh out the fight . A “how” is synonymous with the archeological term “tell,” i beg your pardon simply means a hill that covers increase a previous clues of historical significance.

Karpacz, a spa town and ski will at south-western Poland, is supplied as the town whereby Aslan, the Kings and also Queens of Narnia, and Narinans celebrate the victory over Telmarine.

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At the end, they space deposited ago at the Strand station.

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