OLEAN - A train relocating from Olean come Eldred, Pa., will befeatured in an upcoming significant motion picture.

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Production trailers for the movie "Unstoppable" might startappearing in the city as shortly as Wednesday in ready for afull work of shoot Friday.

Cinema cameras will catch school children and their parentsboarding a train in ~ the Wayne Street crossing close to the Olean MiddleSchool, follow to a letter native the film"s location manager,James Mahathey. The train will certainly make its method from the railroadcrossing ~ above Wayne Street, in between North very first and north Fourthstreets, come the crossing on Barbertown roadway in Eldred.

Once shooting is completed at the Wayne Street crossing, trafficwill be released. There will be 10- come 15-minute closures the thecrossings every the method to Eldred. Assorted police organ willcontrol traffic.

The very first stop will certainly be on north Union Street between Reed Streetand Whitney Avenue. Quick closings will also happen in ~ crossings onFront Street, King Street, north Clark Street, Dugan road andHaskell road in Olean; Rowe Avenue, Promised land Road and also HillsideDrive in Weston"s Mills; Maple Street, temple Street, BrooklynStreet, Elm Street, White home Street and Portville-Ceres road inPortville; and Barbertown roadway in Eldred.

"Unstoppable" is a 20th Century Fox drama around a runaway traincarrying a cargo of toxic chemicals. Denzel Washington theatre anengineer who will soon be laid turn off due to firm cutbacks. He andhis conductor, played by chris Pine, follow a runaway train in aseparate locomotive. They require to bring it under control before itderails and causes a toxicity chemical spill that would certainly decimate atown. Mr. Pine recently starred together Capt. James T. Kirk in "StarTrek."


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The film is directed by Tony Scott and produced by 20th CenturyFox. It will be shoot in various places throughout Pennsylvania,including the Eldred, Emporium and also Port Allegany areas.

The city was contacted a couple of weeks ago about doing the filmingand mayor David Carucci said it was basic decision to make.

"When they come to us and they"re going to lug in 100 trailersand every one of these civilization are walk to have to eat and stay in thisvicinity it"s a no-brainer," the said, adding that this will assist toincrease the city"s sales-tax revenue.

The city shut down a ar of southern Union Street in June forthe filming that a barred era parade for a step in adocumentary that has been claimed will accompany the film "LittleChicago."

Mayor Carucci claimed that experience helped the city to know whatto expect and how come prepare for "Unstoppable." It likewise may havehelped the city attract the attention of movie producers because thecity is amenable come filming, the said.

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