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By default, data that is covert in rows and also columns in the worksheet is not displayed in a chart, and also empty cells or null worths are shown as gaps. For most chart types, you can screen the covert data in a chart.

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For line, scatter, and radar graph types, you can also adjust the way that empty cells, and also cells that display screen the #N/A error are shown in the chart. Instead of displaying empty cells together gaps, you can screen empty cells as zero worths (0), or you can expectancy the gaps with a line. For #N/A values, friend can pick to display screen those as an empty cabinet or attach data points with a line. The adhering to examples show Excel’s behavior with each of this options.

Options for mirroring empty cells






Change the means that north cells, null (#N/A) values, and hidden rows and columns are presented in a chart

Click the graph you want to change.

Go to Chart Tools on the Ribbon, then on the Design tab, in the Data group, click Select Data.


Click Hidden and Empty Cells.


In the Show north cells as: alternatives box, click Gaps, Zero, or Connect data points with line.

Note: On a scatter chart that display screens only markers (without connecting lines), friend can screen empty cells together gaps or zero only — you cannot affix the data points with a line.


In order to maintain backwards compatibility with various other versions the Excel, this attribute is off by default.

Click the Show data in hidden rows and also columns alternative if you desire Excel to plot surprise data.

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