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They both might be in europe or asia since there is not organic boundary between asia and europe and there is social overlap whereby the two continents come together.

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For centuries the silk road was a beehive the economic activity and a website of cross cultural contact.

The Scandinavian peninsula includes Norway, Sweden and also Finland. The subregion of Scandinavia additionally contains Denmark which is situated on the juckleland peninsula in ~ the mouth of the baltic sea.

The european Union is a powerful unifying force that has actually been expanding for the previous 50 years. The ties together nations as distant and also distinct together England and Cyprus.

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Europe and also Southwest Asia room incredibly varied regions. There are plenty of different language groups, nationalities, ethnicities, and climates.

Divides the black sea native the mediterranean sea and contains the big nation if turkey and the tiny nations the Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. This course areas turkey through Georgia and also Europe, and also Armenia and Azerbaijan through southwest Asia

Lies between Africa and Asia and also is bordered through the red sea and also the Persian gulf, saudi Arabia, Yemen, Qatar, and the UAE are on this peninsula

a perceptual region that falls between Europe, Asia and Africa. That normally includes Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Jordan, Iraq, Iran Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Qatar, and the UAE

once part of the soviet union, this an ar contains uzbekistan, kazakistan, tajikistan, turkmekistan, kyrgastan

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