User: Which personality is the antagonist in the play?AntigoneIsmeneCreonChorus Antigone is the antagonist in the play.

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href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> User: Which instances is an instance of dramatic irony?Polyneices fights against Thebes.Antigone intends to ask Polyneices.Eteocles and also Polyneices kill one another.Creon forbids the interment of Polyneices.
Which playwright is well-known for criticizing political and social standards in his plays?SophoclesAeschylusEuripidesThespis
Which aspect of plot structure describes the structure up of conflicts and also action?climaxlusisexpositiondesis
Which phrase defines "media literacy" best?the capability to sift through and also analyze media messages criticallythe ability to clock as many commercials together possiblethe capacity to distinguish when an advertisement is fakethe capacity to produce an ad This phrase specifies "media literacy" ideal - the ability to sift through and also analyze media message critically. (More)
* 1. That couldn"t be afflicted with the cold of Alaska after living in the warm of Texas.He has been accused of theft, but we ... among the far-reaching impacts that the scientific revolution is that it resulted in advancements in mathematics, ... Glaciers save close come 70% of every the new water top top Earth. Wind erosion is most typical in flat, bare areas ... The four main purposes for academic writing room to Inform, Entertain, Persuade, and also Convince. User: A logical ... among the ideal reasons to create is come express what us think. User: User: fill in the blank. One of the finest ... The four main functions for scholastic writing space to Inform, Entertain, Persuade, and also Convince. Communication and also implementation that the arrangement is perform by the reconstitution implementation team. TRUE. john Quincy has actually been a citizen of the United claims for 8 years. The is 27 year old. If john decides to run for ...

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