Christmas is among the many joyous and charitable occasions in the world. There is always an upward mood waver in the people right approximately this time. Even though Christmas is a Christian Holiday, there are countless countries whereby Christmas is commemorated as a cultural thing an ext than anything. Also as the atheist populace continues to thrive in united States and also even as other religions gain an ext of a foothold, the celebration of Christmas is always at full swing in the country. Countless attribute this to the Christmas heart that hovers around the end of the year. In the soul of Christmas, the numerous Christian households approximately the people buy Christmas trees the they decorate in your living rooms together a tradition. Many offices in Christian countries likewise have Christmas tree decorated close to the Christmas trees. In USA alone, selling Christmas tree is exchange rate dollar industry.

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Analysis: Which country Exports the most Christmas tress?

According to Statistic Canada and also ‘International Accounts and also Trade Division’, Canada exported 3 million fresh-cut Christmas trees in 2013, in i beg your pardon Quebec state moved 1.4 million of them. Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, France, Jamaica, Japan, Netherlands Antilles, Panama, Russian Federation, Saint Pierre and also Miquelon, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Thailand, united States, united Kingdom, unified Arab Emirates and Venezuela are few of the highlighted nations that consumes the most Fresh-cut trees.

Canada exchanged with an ext than 53 million USD in 2013 by providing the actual Christmas gifts to the world. Quebec, Nova Scotia and new Bunswick room the significant states in Canada exporting 80% of full Canada’s Christmas trees respectively.


European Production and Exports

The largest markets where trees space exported room nowhere other than in Europe. ~ above average, a farm whereby Christmas trees room bred usually produces approximately 1100 trees. The largest producers of Christmas trees and also bushes are Germany, France and Denmark. Denmark is in reality the country that exports the largest percentage the its home grown Christmas trees. Great Britain produces end 4.5 million trees annually. However out the the top five producers of Christmas tree in Europe, UK is the just one that in reality needs an ext trees locally than their own produce. So, they carry out what castle can. They import.


Germany to produce 19 million trees and also exports a big quantity the it. 2nd largest producer is France and they fiddle a tiny less. Denmark is the third largest producer in ~ 8.5 million tree though that exports much more than France. Belgium is 4th in the Christmas tree production and also GB is fifth for annual production.

ChinaWorldwide(recognized for synthetic production)


Which State exports the most in the unified States?

North America

Europe produces end 50 million tree in total. The continent the produces the second most Christmas trees is north America. USA alone produces around 24 million tree every year. The problem is that United says doesn’t export that countless trees outside the country. The is due to the fact that they never ever really have enough for their own buyer’s market. Over 40 million tree were sold in the phibìc America last year out of which roughly 30 million were for USA alone and also the production in the nation was nowhere near that. As a result, several of the imports in USA are from Europe and also other is indigenous Canada. Mexico’s imports end 1.5 million trees to accomplish its needs of 2 million trees per year. The surprising highest variety of exports from north America in reality happens native Canada. That is actually no that huge of a surprise once you pertained to think of it as fifty percent the country is a prairie. An ext than 80% that the 6 million trees that are developed in the nation are exported.


Other continents like Oceania, Africa and also Asia usually import your trees. The countries of southern America are tree exporter for part extant. But because the Amazon rain forest isn’t really open up to tree farmers, the Christmas tree market is restricted here.

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State (of U.S.)Production
Oregon9 million
North Carolina7.5 million
Washington & Michigan4 million

Country Exports the many Christmas Trees

ProvincesTreesnumber$All statesQuebecNova ScotiaNew BrunswickManitobaOntarioPrince Edward IslandBritish ColumbiaSaskatchewanAlbertaNewfoundland and also Labrador
Tree Height and also Prices

The price that a tree does no really exchange mail to the elevation of the tree. Most of the tree prices no measured by foot. That is since a foot of a younger tree and also a foot that an enlarge tree are priced differently. The is since as the tree eras further the development rate declines, the is the reason for the percentage boost in price the a tree that is older.