A cyclone is a storm or mechanism of wind the rotates around a center of low atmospheric pressure. An anticyclone is a mechanism of winds that rotates about a center of high atmospheric pressure.

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Distinctive weather patterns tend to linked with both cyclones and also anticyclones.

Cyclones (commonly known as lows) are generally indicators the rain , clouds and also other develops of disadvantage weather. Anticyclones (commonly referred to as highs) are predictors of same weather.

Winds in a cyclone blow counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern hemisphere. Winds in an anticyclone blow just the opposite.


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Another way to represent a substance is with its name. In this case, the substance’s surname is carbon dioxide. The prefix di means
TEA <102>


that there space two atom of Oxygen


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If 7kg of onions prices 140 rupees then just how much would certainly we pay because that 12kg of onions?
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240 rupees


As 7 kg of onions costs 140 rupees, every kg prices 20 rupees, and 12x20=240 rupees.

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A vehicle is at first driving at 30 m/s. It access time a large pothole, after which the is travel in the exact same direction however at 25 m/s.
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the moment of Mars is 1.65 times larger on Mars than on Earth


The equation that describes the system is the final speed is equal to the speed minos the speed shed by the collision v the porhole

Vf = Vo - V pothole

B) let"s transform the load of free groin system and N international system

1 N = 0.2248 lb

2.8 lbs (1N / 0.2248lbs) = 12.5 N

c) Kinematic equations are the very same in all inertial systems, Mars and Earth, therefore we deserve to use the height equation, v zero initial velocity

Y = Vo t - ½ g t²

Y = - ½ g t²

t = √ 2Y / g


gm = 0.37g

gm = 0.37 9.8

gm = 3,626 m / s²

t = √( 2 1.9 / 3.626)

t = 1.02 s


t = √( 2 1.9 / 9.8)

t = 0.62 s

To do the compare of time we are the relationship between the two

tm / dare = 1.02 / 0.62

tm / dare = 1.65

the time of Mars is 1.65 times bigger on Mars 보다 on Earth


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When a biker"s muscles move, the energy in food is turned right into what sort of energy
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It turns right into gas that united state the historicsweetsballroom.com
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A 24-volt source is required to furnish 48 watt to a parallel circuit consist of of 4 resistors of same value. What is the
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The resistors room all in parallel across the source.

Therefore every resistor is connected, with wire, directly throughout the source.

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Therefore the full 24 volts appears throughout each resistor ... Even if their values space not equal.

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