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horizontal heat in the routine table who properties readjust gradually and predictable of aspects in the periodic table that have similar physical or chemical properties.
Representative elements.elements in groups 1 and 2 and also 13 - 18 in the regular table that incorporate metals, metalloids, and nonmetals.
Transition elements.elements in teams 3 -12 in the regular table, all of which space metals.
Metal.element that has luster, is malleable, ductile, and a good conductor that heat and also electricity.
Nonmetals.element that is normally a gas or brittle solid at room temperature and is a poor conductor that heat and electricity.
Metalloid.element the shares part properties v both metals and nonmetals.
Alkali metals.elements in team 1 the the regular table.
Alkaline earth metals.elements in team 2 of the periodic table.
Semiconductor.element the does not conduct electricity and a metal however conducts it better than a nonmetal.
Halogens.any element in team 17 that the regular table.
Noble gases.elements in team 18 the the periodic table.
Catalyst.substance that increases a chemical reaction yet is not used up itself or permanently changed.
Lanthanides.the an initial series of inner transition elements which goes from cerium to lutetium.
Actinides.the 2nd series that inner change elements i beg your pardon goes native thorium come lawrencium.
Synthetic elements.are make in laboratories and also nuclear reactors.
Which groug indigenous the regular table combines most readily with other elements to kind compounds?alkali metals integrate most easily
Name three elements in the iron triad.nickel, cobalt, and iron
Which aspect is situated in group 8, period 6?Osmium
Name three transition, silver, and copper
Which group on the periodic table consists of only nonmetals?Group 18
Which element is most likely to be consisted of in a substance v a brilliant yellow color?chromium
Which halogen is radioactive?astatine
Give a word that defines the aspect tellurium.this is a metalloid
A brittle, non-conducting, solid might belong come which group?oxygen group
Why is it vital the mercury be retained out of streams and also waterways?It is poisonous and can death organisms the live in waterways.
Would fluorine be a an excellent choice because that combining v the noble gas argon?Yes; that is the many reactive nonmetal.
Element.a substance the cannot be damaged down into less complicated substances.
Mass number.the amount of neutrons and protons in the cell nucleus of an atom.
Atomic number.the number of protons in the nucleus of a given element.
Figure 3. Facets Examples.Boron. Carbon. Copper.
Boron. A metalloid.has slight luster and also conducts power at high temperatures prefer metal.But prefer a nonmetal,boron is brittle and does no conduct electrical energy well at short temperatures.
Carbon. A nonmetal.In graphite, carbon is a soft,brittle solid.It is reflective,ductile,or malleable.
Copper. A metal.

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is reflective,ductile.malleable,and a great conductor that heat and also electricity.