It’s the 1861 spring. Scarlett O’Hara stays on the large Tara farm yard in Georgia, a beautiful southern beauty. It’s just her countless followers and her desire come marry Ashley Wilkes that she is concerned with. She hears sooner or later that Ashley is devoted to his feeble, plain Atlanta cousin, Melanie Hamilton. Scarlett confesses her affections come Ashley at a BBQ top top the Wilkes property the following day. He tells she he loves Melanie, but since she’s like him he and Scarlett space so different. The tells her he does. Scarlett is slapping Ashley the end of the room. Scarlett unexpectedly discovers she’s not alone.

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Rhett Butler, a scandalous yet scoffy adventurer, watches the whole scene and congratulates Scarlett for being unlady.

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It starts with the polite war. The timid and unimaginative brother of Melanie, Charles Hamilton, offers Scarlett. She consents to marry the spitefully, anticipating that Ashley would certainly hurt. Throughout two months, Scarlett and Charles room married and also Charles is authorized the Army. Scarlett is noticed the she is pregnant. Wade becomes bored and unhappy after ~ Scarlett gives birth come a son. She’s going come Atlanta for a long journey come Pittypat, the aunt that Mélanie and Melanie. Scarlett’s temperament is in accord with the hectic metropolis, and also she starts to watch a lot of Rhett. Also, friend will discover out i beg your pardon Gone v The Wind character are you in this quiz.

Which Gone with The Wind character are you

Rhett angry at Scarlett through his blindness and also scorn, however he likewise encourages her to neglect the hefty societal demands on southerly widows who room mourning. As soon as the problem advances, in Atlanta there is no food and clothing. For Ashley’s safety, Scarlett and Melanie fear. Ashley is captured and also thrown to jail after the horrific battle of Gettysburg, and a Yankee pressure is starting to win Atlanta. But she promised Ashley she’ll stay with Melanie that was pregnant and who might give bear at any time. Charles will come home desperately.

Simply put, it’s a long book.

This method that friend can conceive of the book, which has been be separate into four main portions, consisting of pre-war and also civil war and reconstruction.

Scarlett O’Hara is a fleeting, selfish Georgian sixteen-year-old who cares about parties and flirt before the polite war. However, the academic Ashley Wilkes is covertly in love through the neighbor. She discovers that his cousin, Melanie, is going come marry and also that she’s very angry.

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So she decides to dress up every one of this and also ultimately phone call him the she loves him and makes the eloping through her, i beg your pardon Melanie considers fairly harsh, but this is what Scarlett is. What Gone with The Wind character room you?

But her preparations room awful; Ashley claims he loves her more or less yet is too big to marry. (Alright, he doesn’t use words doofus actually, yet you know our drift.)

Rhett Butler, a trustworthy rascal and hero the the tale, listens unnoticed in a room, when Scarlett makes Ashley she love statement, and also afterward, that taunts her due to the fact that it is the attractive mocking point he is.

Then the war starts all-around disastrous happenings.

Scarlett is earlier in Atlanta to raise her money, however she is unable to assist her financially as soon as she gets in addition to Rhett, who appeal persists. Scarlett’s fiance, frank Kennedy, is desperate because that money, and instead gets she married.

Scarlett insists on chasing she deals rather than remaining at residence to raise she kids and also is now in hazardous Atlanta.

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Scarlett widows again, however still loves Ashley, and also they’ve obtained a daughter. However she discovers the she loves not Ashley, but Rhett, after her daughter dies—and Scarlett’s pre-war southern society with Rhett’s money.