uncover your vaginal opening in 3 easy steps

The easiest means to find your vaginal opening is by feeling with your fingers and looking with a mirror. You can find your quality opening during your period or when you’re not bleeding in ~ all. I know it’s sort of weird to check out down over there and period blood deserve to be sort of icky at very first but over there is nothing come be afraid of. That your own body and your own duration blood. Friend cannot rest anything under there by feeling and also looking. If you get period blood on her hands simply wash it off. by the finish of this tutorial, you’ll learn around the components of her vulva in addition to finding her vaginal opening.


Step 1: use a hand mirror and also place that in in between your foot so you can see your vulva. You’ll see something like this:


Quick fact! -- her vulva is all the components you have the right to see outside of your body. Her vagina is inside of you.

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Step 2: usage your fingers and spread her inner lips apart


Your vaginal opened is situated in in between your inner lips so use your fingers to spread out your lips apart. You will see something like the above diagram.

Wait however mine doesn’t look choose the diagram!

Don’t worry! There room as many different feather vaginas and also vulvas as there are different looking faces! some inner labia space long and also flappy, some stick out, and also some are surprise inside the outer labia. Some are longer and some are shorter. They space all completely normal so don’t concern if yours doesn’t look prefer the diagram. (That’s prefer saying your face doesn’t look favor this :-) smiley face!)

Hmmm but I quiet can’t find or check out my quality opening!

Your quality opening may not look like an open hole prefer it is in this diagram. That’s because the vaginal opened isn’t simply an open an are you deserve to see. Think of your vagina together a bag that have the right to open approximately fit a tampon or her finger. Your vagina is a flattened muscualar pipe that can stretch to open up similar to a pocket can open approximately fit points inside. her opening have the right to stretch to open up favor you check out in the diagram and can shrink or flatten to its peaceful state. (Remember the vaginal opening have the right to stretch to offer birth to a baby!)

Step 3: press your finger in in between your inner lips right into the vaginal opening


Use your index finger and also insert it into the opening. Remember her vaginal canal isn’t perpendicular (straight up and also down). Her vaginal opening is PARALLEL (sideways) come the ground. So come slide your finger in comfortably, insert it in ~ an favor in this chart here. Simply pretend the applicator is her finger. her finger will certainly slide inside her vaginal opening and also into the vaginal canal. This is exactly how a tampon applicator slides inside. her finger need to slide in effortlessly. It may feel a little weird or uncomfortable since this may be a new feeling come you however it should not be an extremely painful. In this step, friend can select to organize your inner lips personal or not.

What if i break my hymen?

Don’t worry, the is unlikely that you will certainly break your hymen by sliding your finger or tampon applicator inside. The hymen is like a stretchy ring of tissue that have the right to stretch to fit her finger or tampon applicator.

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What if ns accidentally put my finger in mine pee hole instead?

It is difficult to accidentally placed your finger or tampon applicator inside her urethral opening or urine hole. The urethral opening is too tiny and doesn’t stretch. Your finger is also too big. Space you still having actually trouble finding her vaginal opening?

Don’t worry! I have actually some really helpful tips to uncover your vaginal opened by looking and also feeling:

Remember come relax! If you are nervous and also tense up, girlfriend will likewise tense up her vaginal opening and also it will be harder come slide her finger or tampon in. Occasionally it will simply take multiple tries before you come to be comfortable and relax. Remembering to relax method relaxing her finger too. Don’t just poke at yourself! her finger will certainly slide in quickly if you permit your finger to bend, adhering to the herbal angle of your vaginal opening. If you are having trouble sliding your finger or tampon in, try using some personal lubricant. If you room comfortable touching your duration blood, that works too. If you are on her period, feel v your fingers wherein the blood is comes from. Your period blood leaves your body from your vaginal opening. It might be useful to not look in ~ all and just feel for your vaginal opening making use of your fingers. The is the just hole your finger deserve to slide into. If you discover that you space still tense, just offer it a remainder and try again in a day. Sometimes that’s all it take away to acquire comfortable v your body.

If girlfriend still haven’t found your vaginal opening yet, leaving a comment and also tell me which step you are having actually trouble with.