Which best describes decision making process when law a cost-benefit analysis?

Answer is alternative b, i.e. Weighing pros and also cons. Explanation: Cost-benefit evaluation is supplied to calculate the positive gains of the business against various factors that incur costs and losses on the same.

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What economic indicators measure up inactivity rather than activity?

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Which of the following finest describes cost-benefit analysis?A process of maximizing benefits or minimizing costs
Which the the following financial indicators steps inactivity rather than activity?Unemployment rate

Which of the following best describes the inflation rate?

The ideal description that inflation is that there is an increase in the as whole price level has occurred.

What function does a cost-benefit evaluation serve quizlet?

Cost-benefit analysis is provided to to compare one or much more projects from benefits per cost.

Which of the following best describes the purpose of doing a cost-benefit analysis?

Explanation: The totality purpose that a cost-benefit evaluation is to permit management to make the finest decisions using the measurment of benefit in a specific project or system. The model calculates every the income and benefits and also all the linked costs, substracting the costs from the benefits.

Which that the adhering to results native the truth that costs and also benefits are based on?

Answer: On an individual preferences outcomes from the fact that costs and benefits have the right to be counted when benefits will always be greater than the costs.

Which of the following best describes why economic indicators are useful?

Which finest describes why financial indicators are useful? They aid people recognize how healthy and balanced a country’s economic situation is.

Which is happening as soon as the GDP is neither rising nor falling?

Explanation: Stagnation is happening once the GDP is neither climbing nor falling. So as soon as there is no rise or diminish in the gross residential product of a country, the country is claimed to be in stagnant position. Stagnation is basically a state of being stopped, frozen, no flowing, not moving, etc.

What space the three measures of cost-benefit analysis?

The significant steps in a cost-benefit analysis

Step 1: clues the collection of options. Step 2: Decide whose costs and benefits count. Step 3: recognize the impacts and select measure indicators. Step 4: predict the effects over the life that the propose regulation. Action 5: Monetise (place dollar values on) impacts.

What is the goal of a cost-benefit analysis?

A cost-benefit analysis is the process of to compare the projected or estimated costs and also benefits (or opportunities) connected with a job decision to determine whether it renders sense indigenous a business perspective.

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Which results from the reality that costs and also benefits room based on personal preferences?

Which mirrors that an economy is cultivation quizlet?

Value of all goods and services created in a country. Which shows that an economy is growing? The GDP is getting bigger.

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