Suppose that the relationship in between price, P, and quantity, Q, is given by the equation Q = 60 - 4P. 

Which of the following equations appropriately represents addressing Q = 60 - 4P because that P? 

P=15-1/4 Q





Plot the relationship in between Pand Q ~ above the following graph. 

Note: Price (P) is top top the vertical axis and quantity (Q) s ~ above the horizontal axis. 

The slope of this heat is _______ .

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Suppose the the pen this equation refers to the price the a newspaper subscription, and also the Qrefers come the number of magazine subscriptions sold. Read the complying with statement carefully: "When the price of a newspaper subsorption goes up, fewer people subsoribe to the magazine." 

Which the the following ideal summarizes the pattern of causality said by this statement? 

A change in Q reasons a fee in P. 

The relationship between P and Q is no a causal relationship.

A change in P causes a adjust in Q 

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price #1


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prize #2


Q = 60 - 4P

4P = 60 - Q

P = 60/4 - Q/4

P = 15 - Q/4

Thus 4th option is ideal P = 15 - 1/4 Q

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