Define a weak acid or base. Calculate pH and pOH of a weak acid or base solution utilizing easy formula, quadratic equation, and also including autoionization of water. Calculate the pH or pOH quickly.

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Weak acids and bases are just partly ionized in their solutions, whereas strong acids and also bases are completely ionized when liquified in water. Some prevalent weak acids and bases are given right here. Additionally, weak acids and bases are extremely common, and we enrespond to them frequently both in the academic troubles and also in daily life. The ionization of weak acids and bases is a historicsweetsballroom.comical equilibrium phenomenon. The equilibrium values are vital for the expertise of equilibria of weak acids and also weak bases. In this connection, you most likely realize that conjugate acids of weak bases are weak acids and conjugate bases of weak acids are weak bases.

Typical Weak AcidsUsual Weak Bases
Acid Formula Base Formula
Formic (ceHCOOH) ammonia (ceNH3 )
Acetic (ceCH3COOH) trimethyl ammonia (ceN(CH3)3 )
Trichloroacetic (ceCCl3COOH ) pyridine (ceC5H5N )
Hydrofluoric (ceHF ) ammonium hydroxide (ceNH4OH )
Hydrocyanic (ceHCN ) water (ceH2O )
Hydrogen sulfide (ceH2S ) (ceHS-) ion (ceHS-)
Water (ceH2O ) conjugate bases of weak acids e.g.: (ceHCOO-)
Conjugate acids of weak bases (ceNH4+ )

Ionization of Weak Acids

Acetic acid, (ceCH3COOH), is a typical weak acid, and it is the ingredient of vinegar. It is partly ionized in its solution.

The structure of the acetate ion, (ceCH3COO-), is presented listed below.

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