Define a weak mountain or base. Calculate pH and also pOH the a weak acid or base systems using simple formula, quadratic equation, and including autoionization the water. Calculation the pH or pOH quickly.

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Weak acids and bases are only partially ionized in their solutions, whereas strong acids and bases are completely ionized when dissolved in water. Some typical weak acids and bases are offered here. Furthermore, weak acids and bases are very common, and we conference them often both in the scholastic problems and in day-to-day life. The ionization that weak acids and also bases is a historicsweetsballroom.comical equilibrium phenomenon. The equilibrium ethics are crucial for the understanding of equilibria of weak acids and weak bases. In this connection, you most likely realize the conjugate acids of weak bases are weak acids and conjugate bases of weak acids space weak bases.

Common Weak AcidsCommon Weak Bases
Acid Formula Base Formula
Formic \(\ceHCOOH\) ammonia \(\ceNH3 \)
Acetic \(\ceCH3COOH\) trimethyl ammonia \(\ceN(CH3)3 \)
Trichloroacetic \(\ceCCl3COOH \) pyridine \(\ceC5H5N \)
Hydrofluoric \(\ceHF \) ammonium hydroxide \(\ceNH4OH \)
Hydrocyanic \(\ceHCN \) water \(\ceH2O \)
Hydrogen sulfide \(\ceH2S \) \(\ceHS-\) ion \(\ceHS-\)
Water \(\ceH2O \) conjugate bases the weak acids e.g.: \(\ceHCOO-\)
Conjugate mountain of weak bases \(\ceNH4+ \)

Ionization of Weak acids

Acetic acid, \(\ceCH3COOH\), is a usual weak acid, and also it is the ingredient that vinegar. The is partly ionized in that is solution.

\<\ceCH3COOH \rightleftharpoons CH3COO- + H+\>

The structure of the acetate ion, \(\ceCH3COO-\), is displayed below.

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