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Unit 1: advent to Handgun EducationTopic 1: Firearm security RulesTopic 2: The prominence of Handgun EducationTopic 3: Learning about Handgun UsesUnit 2: know Your Handgun EquipmentTopic 1: What Is a Handgun?Topic 2: What Is Ammunition?Topic 3: Understanding common Features the Handguns—Sights topic 4: Understanding typical Features the Handguns—Actions topic 5: Understanding usual Features of Handguns—Safeties subject 6: Understanding usual Features the Handguns—Magazines topic 7: using the exactly AmmunitionTopic 8: understanding a Handgun"s RangeTopic 9: Cleaning your HandgunTopic 10: Storing her HandgunUnit 3: an easy Handgun SkillsTopic 1: Developing an excellent Marksmanship and AccuracyTopic 2: learning Handgun-Shooting Techniques—Fundamentals and GripTopic 3: finding out Handgun-Shooting Techniques—Body PositionTopic 4: learning Handgun-Shooting Techniques—AimingTopic 5: finding out Handgun-Shooting Techniques—Breathing and also Trigger SqueezeTopic 6: learning Handgun-Shooting Techniques—Follow ThroughTopic 7: discovering Handgun-Shooting Techniques—PracticingTopic 8: discovering Handgun-Shooting Techniques—SummaryTopic 9: using Handguns in ~ the shooting RangeUnit 4: Handgun SafetyTopic 1: understanding Why security Is ImportantTopic 2: safe Loading and also Unloading HandgunsTopic 3: carrying HandgunsTopic 4: added Safety PrecautionsTopic 5: Resolving conflicts Without ViolenceUnit 5: Handgun LawsTopic 1: Obeying Handgun LawsTopic 2: discovering State and Local laws

The break-action handgun operates on the same principle as a door hinge. Rest actions might be discovered on single-shot pistols or ~ above revolvers.

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straightforward to load and also unload, a hinge activity is frequently chosen as a an initial handgun. To open the action, point the barrel at the ground. A release is pressed, and the barrel drops downward. This allows the cartridges to eject or come be removed manually if the handgun is loaded.

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