The energy released throughout the nuclear reaction is dubbed as nuclear energy.Energy in the Uranium is save in the form of nuclear energy

Potential energy:

The energy the anybody as result of its position is dubbed as potential energy.

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The power of any rock placed at some elevation is save on computer in the type of potential energy.

Electrical energy:

The energy as result of flow that electric existing is referred to as as electrical energy.The glow of bulb is an instance of electrical energy.

Chemical energy:

The energy due to chemical reaction is called as chemical energy.The energy in the battery is save on computer in the form of chemical energy.


The electrical power is a flow energy which only comes as soon as there is flow of electrical current.Thus the electrical energy is not a type of save on computer energy. Thus option 3 is correct.
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Q1. The price of energy to operate an commercial refrigerator that consumes 5 kW power functioning 10 hrs per day because that 30 days will certainly be (Given that the charge k.W.h of power = Rs. 4)
Q2. Time take away by a 100 watt bulb to consume 5000 J of energy is
Q3. Electrical energy used during a month is express in terms of 'units'. Right here one unit means
Q4. A current of 2A flows through a 24V auto head light bulb for 5 mins. Exactly how much power transfer occurs throughout this time?
Q5. The heat created while carrying 96000 coulomb of charge in one hour through a potential difference of 50 V is
Q6. An electrical motor is marked 2 Hp. The job-related done through the electrical motor in 3 seconds will it is in nearly
Q7. When the potential difference across a resistive conductor the resistance R obeying ohm's law, is doubled, the price of generation of warmth will become
Q8. Which one of the adhering to is no a type of save energy?
Q9. A provided conductor transferring a existing of 1 A to produce an amount of warmth equal to 2000 J. If the existing through the conductor is doubled, the lot of heat created will be
Q10. An electrical refrigerator rated 400 W operates 8 hours/day. What is the expense of energy required to run it because that 30 days at Rs 2.50 per kW h?

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Q1. The work done to relocate a unit fee from a suggest to one more is dubbed :
Q2. The electric resistivity the the material of a conductor is ρ. If the resistance and volume of the conductor is 3Ω and 3 m3, then find the size of the conductor.
Q3. Find the worth of the current across both resistors?
Q4. A 5Ω resistance is associated to a DC source. As soon as this DC source is removed and also an AC source is connected to the resistance, then brand-new resistance will certainly be-
Q5. At the moment of brief circuit, the current in the circuit
Q6. The melting allude of the fuse wire (wire) need to be ___?
Q7. Who invented the an initial electric battery ?
Q8. What is the unit that resistance?
Q9. The inner resistance of one ammeter must be
Q10. ______terminal the a cell need to be joined v the ______ terminal of one more cell to kind a battery.I. Negative, positiveII. Negative, NegativeIII. Positive, Positive

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Q5. A ray of light the strikes a plane mirror PQ at an edge of incidence that 30°, is reflected from the airplane mirror and then strikes a 2nd plane winter QR put at ideal angles come the an initial mirror. The edge of reflection in ~ the 2nd mirror is:
Q6. Two huge mirrors A and B room fitted next by next on a wall. A male is stand at together a street from the wall surface that he can see the erect picture of his face in both the mirrors. When the male starts walking towards the mirrors, that finds the the size of his confront in mirror A walk on increasing but that in mirror B stays the same:
Q7. A wire of resistance R1is reduced into 5 equal pieces. These five pieces that wire room then associated in parallel. If the result resistance the this mix be R2,then proportion R1/R2is _______.
Q8. What room the key gases current in the Sun?
Q9. Metals are good conductors of power because
Q10. Which the the complying with is not a basic unit, but a acquired unit? Edu remedies Pvt. Ltd.
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