History >>Art HistoryGeneral OverviewRomanticism to be a social movement that started in Europe. The was rather of a reaction to the Industrial revolution which emerged during the same time period. The movement influenced philosophical thinking, literature, music, and art.

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When was the Romantic layout of art popular?The Romantic motion started in ~ the finish of the 1700"s and also reached its top in the early on 1800s. It significant the end of the Baroque movement and was complied with by Realism.What space the qualities of Romantic art?Romantic art concentrated on emotions, feelings, and moods of all kinds consisting of spirituality, imagination, mystery, and also fervor. The subject issue varied widely including landscapes, religion, revolution, and peaceful beauty. The brushwork for romantic art came to be looser and less precise. The great Romantic artist Caspar David Friedrich summed up Romanticism saying "the artist"s feeling is his law".Examples of RomanticismThe Wanderer above the Sea and also Fog (Caspar David Friedrich)Perhaps no painting represents the Romanticism movement better than Friedrich"s The Wanderer. In this snapshot a man stands at the optimal of a rocky precipice, his ago to the viewer together he looks out over the clouds and also the world. The viewer experiences the awe of nature and at the exact same time feeling the insignificance that man. The painting does terrific job of conveying the feel of a moment and also the drama of nature.
The Wanderer over the Sea and also Fog(Click picture to see bigger version)
The third of might 1808 (Francisco Goya)The 3rd of may 1808 shows a various side that the Romantic artist, the side of revolution. In this paint Francisco Goya is commemorating the Spanish resistance to France and also the militaries of Napoleon. This painting has actually movement, drama, and also emotion typical of the Romantic Era. The is likewise one the the an initial paintings offered to protest the horrors the war.
The 3rd of May(Click photo to see larger version)
The Titan"s Goblet (Thomas Cole)In this paint you can see the feeling of the fantastic. The Titans to be from Greek Mythology. They were giants that ruled before the Greek gods choose Zeus. The shear dimension of the goblet offers you an idea regarding how huge the Titan"s must have been. Details in the painting, such as the boats sailing within the goblet and the structures on the pickled in salt of the goblet, add to the feeling of grandeur.
The Titan"s Goblet(Click image to see larger version)
Famous Romantic Era ArtistsWilliam Blake - one English Romantic painter that was also a philosopher and also poet.Thomas Cole - one American artist renowned for his landscapes and additionally for establishing the Hudson River school art movement.John Constable - an English Romantic painter known for his paintings of the English countryside.Eugene Delacroix - The foremost French Romantic painter, Delacroix"s paintings often portrayed scenes of drama and also war. Perhaps his most famed painting is Liberty top the People.Caspar David Friedrich - A German artist that painted sublime landscapes which regularly showed the power of nature.Henry Fuseli - one English romantic artist who chosen to repaint the supernatural. His most well known painting is The Nightmare.Thomas Gainsborough - A Romantic portrait artist well known for his paint Blue Boy.Francisco Goya - A Spanish artist who ended up being known for his dark artwork as well as his protests the war.
Interesting Facts around RomanticismIt was one of the first times in the history of art that landscapes came to be a far-reaching subject because that painting.Another art activity took ar at the same time called Neoclassicism. Neoclassicism was an extremely different and focused on ethical purpose, reason, and also discipline.Romantic literature has the functions of Edgar Allen Poe, Ralph Waldo Emerson, william Wordsworth, man Keats, and Nathanial Hawthorne.

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