Which phrase specifies “social context” best? persuasive, influential, and pleasing speech how ideas or things (e. G., inventions) are used and also interpreted by civilization the capability to sift through and analyze media message critically a course or category of creative endeavor having a certain form, content, or technique

how principles or things (e.g., inventions) space used and also interpreted through people

Explanation: society context, or sociocultural context, describes the environment and social setting in i beg your pardon a human is immersed. The is concerned the education and also the interactions and also the culture that surrounding a human being or a team of people. This is the reason why the social setup changes the means things are understood by people.

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Context is referred to as the foundation, condition, setting, system, or next site of occasions or events. Essentially, the context implies conditions shaping a structure of any kind of event, assumed or proclamation, so as to permit scholars to understand the information or an artistic piece. The is an essential in writing to provide data, brand-new ideas, and words to produce thoughts. Literary context gives a foundation or image of the circumstance, and of the topic included. It is a an essential piece that an summary content, which draws in the crowd. I an writer disregards context, lock may ignore a basic component of the story"s aim. There is no setting, the audience may not an alert the real portrayal of an summary work. Setup enables reader to comprehend the social, philosophical, and political think and advancements predominant in the general public arena in ~ the time once the ingredient is created.

From the above-mentioned analysis, ns infer that option-B specifies "social context" in the best way.

"how principles or points (e.g., inventions) space used and also interpreted by people."

The correct answer would certainly be B) How concepts or things (e.g., inventions) are used and also interpreted by people.

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This is because context is the background behind something and how it"s interpreted. Therefore the 2nd option (B) is the only one that renders sense here.

Hope this helps!