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In response to a question, a Defense spokesman claimed the destruction of the launching pad would hold-up our test collection some weeks.1 A new pad would be ready in September and could be provided in October.

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The President declared that he did not desire to command U.S. Tests ~ the Soviets have finished their existing test collection if we can aid it.2 he was informed that we currently think the Soviets will finish their current collection on October 20. He detailed that there to be a threat in talking around a test ban if the Soviets perfect their collection and we have actually not hosted our final test in the current series.

Secretary McNamara gift his paper on the proliferation of nuclear weapons (copy attached).3 He estimated that in the next ten year sixteen says would be added to the four which now have a atom capability. Some three to seven years would certainly elapse after a decision to walk for a nuclear capability had to be made, prior to a weapons ability would be achieved.

Mr. Nitze disputed the situation during the following ten year in China, Sweden, India, Japan, Australia and South Africa, consisting of the capabilities of these says to develop nuclear weapons and also the restraints connected in their deciding to look for a atom capability. He acknowledged that in Germany and also Italy pressures for nuclear capability was really great. This pressure can be encountered by creating a multilateral force in NATO.

After ten years, the snapshot became fairly different. The cost of producing nuclear tools would drop drastically if the U.S. And the USSR proceed testing and improving your weapons. As the years go by, the lull of getting a nuclear ability rapidly increases. Claims which do not now have a weapons capacity can discover a good deal from the operation of their calm use reactors. If combination is achieved, bombs end up being much cheaper.

Secretary Rusk approximated that by cheating the is feasible to achieve the all-fission bomb underground and also below the existing threshold. In answer come the question, perform fission bombs contribute to our military capability, he replied that at current they did not in view of our existing make reservation of bombs.

Dr. Wiesner claimed the fission is a time bomb and also is not beneficial as a battle field weapon due to the fact that its activity in causing deaths is not instantaneous and also its result on personnel is delayed, hence reducing that usefulness in active combat.

Commissioner Haworth summarized an AEC paper on test readiness.4 He questioned the usage of Christmas Island i m sorry he said would take two to 3 months to be made ready, but this might be reduced to thirty to sixty days if sufficient funds were expended. He likewise discussed a check system involving the use of no soil by relying just on shipborne and airborne diagnostic instruments. He mentioned the worth of utilizing Johnston Island for weapons impacts tests. He spoke of the possibility of conducting a high-altitude test by launching a missile from a delivery at sea.

The President argued that we first try to with a long-term commitment with the British covering the usage of Christmas Island. If the brother refuse, climate we can proceed to ready the various other test systems.

Commissioner Haworth then briefed a record on the various constraints which apply to various kinds that tests.5 He summary the information we can learn from secret tests. In his view, the most important suggest in link with cheating is the stimulating impact on the laboratories the the cheater. The cheater scientist will continue to work on brand-new ideas since of the knowledge that they will have actually a chance, even underground, come prove out these ideas. If throughout a treaty period there has actually been cheating, the advantages gained through the cheater are much higher if the contract is unexpectedly abrogated, therefore making feasible prompt tests of the brand-new ideas.

Dr. Wiesner said that if there to be an abrogation that the treaty, us had numerous options.

Mr. Foster summarized his memorandum (attached).6 In an answer to a Presidential question, Mr. Foster summary the around the world monitored national control system. The chairman asked whether the data got by the proposed mechanism was important. Mr. Foster responded the this data was not important, but the political element of the device was important. The president asked whether we could agree come drop the worldwide monitoring element of the control system if we had to and also Mr. Foster i agreeed that we could.

Dr. Long, in an answer to a question as to what sort of a mechanism would do a an excellent job, said that we could reduce the variety of stations from 180 to 50, consisting of 20 seismic stations and also 30 electro-magnetic acoustic stations.

The chairman requested additional information indigenous Dr. Long. In response, Dr. Lengthy said the capability of the device is 20 KT in tuff, while the Geneva device was estimated to have actually a 1 KT threshold.

There followed considerable perplexed discussion that seismic events and required variety of seismic and electro-magnetic and acoustic detection stations.

Commissioner Haworth historicsweetsballroom.comd in an introduction that in his check out the Soviets could achieve no decisive technical advance by cheating on a test ban system.

Ambassador Dean predicted the if we offered the Russians just a half of atmospheric tests, lock would turn this down. They know we are far ahead of lock in the method of underground testing. In addition, the neutrals mean us come come back to Geneva v concessions, add to a considerable test half treaty.

The President said that we could answer both the French and also the Russian arguments about underground exam by informing them the our numbers relate come 50 KT devices exploded in rock.

Ambassador Dean commented the 8 neutrals in Geneva are just around ready come abandon hope of an agreement, and, therefore, they room putting pressure on us to come forth through a comprehensive test half treaty in development of the UN basic Assembly meeting.

The President historicsweetsballroom.comd that together he understood the situation brand-new information which we now had actually made it feasible for united historicsweetsballroom.com to alleviate the variety of stations inside the Soviet Union native 19 to 5, in a worldwide system consisting of 50 station in lieu that 180 stations.

Mr. Foster reviewed the political case in the Senate. The cautioned the if we moved too fast, us would shed the prospect of obtaining Senate approval of any kind of treaty.

Mr. Bundy commented the our obstacles in Congress space the result of the Congressmen’s lack of information.

The President recognized that we might not walk to the Senate through a treaty this summer. Us might be able to do for this reason in the loss after the Soviets have actually finished your test collection and we have made decision that there has been no Soviet breakthrough together a result of their tests.

Ambassador Dean said he feel a strong need come come up in ~ the following two or 3 weeks with new proposals.

Secretary McNamara denied the our brand-new data and also information we now have had been maintained from those who need to have actually it.

Mr. Foster summary his view. We have to table a treaty banning just atmospheric exam now. We need to tell the neutrals the our brand-new data method we have the right to accept a national detection system, fewer detection stations, and fewer on-site inspections, yet we must very first get accept from the Russians the the rule of on-site inspection.

Ambassador Dean recurring his watch that we need to table a considerable test half treaty also though every its details might only be spelled out later.

Mr. Bundy discussed that tabling a comprehensive treaty would upset the Senators.

The evil President identified that plenty of Senators were upset. They space concerned around what we are currently doing and also they need extr information. Maybe the president will have to talk to certain crucial Senators.

Ambassador Dean rehistoricsweetsballroom.comd his see that we should introduce a revised comprehensive treaty now.

Mr. McCone claimed that the Congressmen space worrying the check sites in the Soviet Union.

It was made decision that a further conversation would be organized tomorrow.7 The control post system would be described. It was recognized that Ambassador Dean would have to return to Geneva with some adjust in the U.S. Position since of all of the attention in news story indicating he had actually returned to Washington for additional policy instructions.

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The President pointed out that no real development would it is in made by the Soviets or the U.S. Until after the current test series is ended, however there would certainly be an advantage in developing a instance in which the Russians would be blamed by the UN basic Assembly for fail to achieve a disarmament agreement. That was acknowledged that ours decisions rely on whether the new data do possible brand-new test ban proposals.