Sentences come in a range of shapes and lengths. Yet whatever their shapes and also lengths (or types), every sentences serve among only a few very an easy purposes.

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Sentence TypeSentence range is not around mere novelty; the is about meaning. You have the right to avoid boredom (yours and your readers") and also choppiness by differing your sentence types. Longer, more complex sentences can increase the impact of a shorter, simpler sentence.Every sentence is one of the complying with types.


In bespeak to vary your writing, you desire to be able to construct sentence of every kind. To grasp these 4 types, though, you really only need to grasp two things: independent and dependent clauses. This is due to the fact that the four species of sentences room really just four various ways to integrate independent and dependent clauses.

(Let"s review: independent rule are essentially simple, finish sentences. They have the right to stand alone or be linked with other independent clauses. Dependence clauses room unfinished thoughts that cannot was standing alone; they space a form of sentence fragment and also must be joined to elevation clauses. For an ext information, watch the guideline Sheet elevation & dependence Clauses: Coordination and Subordination.)

The an easy sentenceA straightforward sentence is basic because it contains only one live independence clause:

Justin reduce his agricultural Economics class.

A basic sentence is not necessarily short or simple. It can be long and also involved, with countless parts and also compound elements. Yet if over there is only one elevation clause, it is, nevertheless, a simple sentence. The following instance has a single independent clause through a solitary subject (Justin) and a compound verb (gulped, swallowed, groaned, and also decided):

Justin gulped down his 4th cup that coffee, swallowed a Tylenol because that his pounding headache, groaned, and also decided the would have to drop his agricultural Economics class.

The compound sentenceWhen you join two an easy sentences properly, you gain a compound sentence. Vice versa, a compound sentence deserve to be damaged into two complete sentences, each through its very own subject and also its own verb. You have the right to join straightforward sentences to create compound sentences one of two people of 2 ways:

With a semicolonWith a comma and also coordinating associate (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so)

For example, the complying with pairs of elevation clauses deserve to be joined either way:

Homer has basic Plant scientific research on Mondays and also Wednesdays; ecological Horticulture conflicted through his schedule.

Homer has simple Plant science on Mondays and Wednesdays, but Environmental Horticulture conflicted with his schedule.

(Be mindful that if you sign up with two straightforward sentences improperly, you perform not obtain a link sentence; you obtain a run-on, most most likely either a comma splice or a fused sentence. For an ext information, see the tip Sheets Comma Splices and Run-on Sentences and Independent & dependence Clauses: Coordination & Subordination.)

The complex sentenceA facility sentence is a sentence that consists of both a dependent and also an independent clause. In the adhering to example, both rule contain a subject and a verb, but the dependent i has, in addition, the dependent-making words even though. If you start the sentence v the dependent-making words (or object conjunction), location a comma in between the clauses. Top top the other hand, if you begin with the independent clause and also place the dependent-making indigenous in the center of the sentence, execute not usage a comma:

Even despite Eva took Turf Management just to fill the end her schedule, she discovered it unexpectedly interesting.

Eva uncovered Turf management unexpectedly interesting also though she take it it just to fill the end her schedule.

(For much more on object conjunctions, check out the reminder Sheet Independent & dependent Clauses: Coordination & Subordination.)

The compound-complex sentenceA compound-complex sentence combines at least two live independence clauses and also at the very least one dependency clause. The point rules stay the same: the two straightforward sentences are joined by among the two methods explained above, and the dependent i is punctuated (or not) relying on whether it precedes or follows an independent clause. In the complying with example, the dependent-making native signaling the beginning of the dependent i is while:

Homer was currently in class, and also Eva was in the lab while Justin was sleeping off his headache.

While Justin was resting off his headache, Homer was currently in class, and also Eva was in the lab.

Homer was currently in course while Justin slept off his headache; Eva was in the lab.

Sentence PurposeSentences can do various things. The objective of part sentences is to make statements. Explain sentences do statements and end v periods:

I am planning to drop farming Economics.

The objective of another sentence might be come pose a question. These interrogative sentences ask questions and also end with concern marks:

Have you taken any agricultural Engineering classes?

Imperative sentence give commands or make requirements or requests. Lock usually end with a period. An command sentence often has as its topic an unstated "you" (giving to beginner in English grammar the illustration of lacking a topic altogether). The subject of each of the following four sentences is "you:"

Hand in her homework assignments, please.

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Stop. Drop. Roll.

Exclamatory sentences convey strong emotion and also end v exclamation marks; usage them sparingly: