3.3 navigating Buoys

Bifurcation Buoys

Bifurcation buoys room lateral system buoys that suggest the junction the channels. They have three alternating stripes the red and also green and also the top stripe indicates the ar of the preferred, or main, channel.

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In the chart on page 22, the bifurcation buoy has a red top. Making use of the rule, Red right Returning, that method if you wish to monitor the preferred channel in this case, the bifurcation buoy must pass you on the right.

Fairway Buoys

Fairway buoys have actually one vertical red stripe and one upright white stripe. The red strip is top top the side of the channel whereby you would discover the red buoys.

Day Beacons


Day Beacons use the same colours together the Lateral System, but in one instance may substitute black color for green. They have the right to be channel and also danger mite or bifurcation markers, however are normally channel, or danger markers.

They space not lighted and also are because that day-time usage only.

A harbor hand job beacon, which has a black or environment-friendly square, centred ~ above a white background v a environment-friendly reflective border, point out the harbor hand next of the channel or a danger and must be preserved on the harbor side when proceeding upstream. If numbered, the number will be odd and also of a reflective material.


A starboard hand work beacon, which has actually a red triangle centred on a white background with a red reflective border, clues the starboard hand next of the channel or a danger and also must be preserved on the starboard side once proceeding upstream.


Ranges consist of of 2 markers, upside under to each various other with one fine in prior of the other. The front marker is lower than the behind marker.

They administer a encourage track for navigators when both marks space in line. The operator will see one mite on optimal of the other.

Special function Buoys

There space a number of special purpose buoys that mark whatever from anchorages come swimming locations to no-wake zones and danger areas.

Pleasure craft operator must learn to identify these buoys and also know what lock mean.

They space depicted and also explained in the diagrams that follow.

Keep the end Buoys


Keep out Buoys mark an area whereby boating is prohibited. They space white with two horizontal orange bands and an orange cross inside an orange diamond on 2 opposite sides. If they carry a light, the light is a yellow flashing(Fl) four seconds, light.


Control Buoys mark an area whereby boating is restricted. Castle may suggest such things as speed limits. They are white v two horizontal orange bands and also an orange one on two opposite sides. Within the orange circles will be a black number or prize indicating the restriction. If they carry a light, the irradiate is a yellow flashing (Fl) 4 seconds, light.

Hazard Buoys mark random hazards such as rocks and also shoals. They are white through two horizontal orange bands and an orange diamond on 2 opposite sides. If they lug a light, the light is a yellow flashing (Fl) four seconds, light.

Information Buoys save information, by words or symbols, of attention to mariners, such as directions to marinas. They room white with two horizontal orang bands and also an orange square on 2 opposite sides. If they lug a light, the irradiate is a yellow flashing (Fl) 4 seconds, light.

Swimming Buoys note th perimeter of a swim area. They are white. If they carry a light, the irradiate is a yellow flashing (Fl) four seconds, light.

Posted Command indications may it is in encountered from time come time. They will incorporate warnings such as No wake up Zones, No Anchorage Signs, speed Limit Signs, short Head Dam Signs, power Line Hazards and also Pipe line Hazards.

Cautionary Buoys are offered to warning mariners of threats such together firing ranges, gyeongju courses, seaplane bases, website traffic separations, underwater structures and areas wherein no safe v channel exists. Yellow in colour they carry an to know mark, or letter. If they have a topmark, the is a single yellow "X" shape. If lighted, the light a yellow flashing (Fl) four seconds light.

The worldwide Code Flag A (Alpha) is a Blue and also White flag presented from the boat or dock native which diving task is taking place.

The specific location of the diver is marked with a white buoy transferring a red flag that not less than 50 centimeter square through a white diagonal stripe extending from the reminder of the hoist to the bottom of the fly. If the is lighted, it has a yellow flashing (Fl) (four seconds), light.

All courage operators must stay clear and also pass slowly.

Pleasure craft operators must take early and substantial activity to avoid areas where these buoys room displayed.


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