Holy Communion is the Body and also Blood of Jesus Christ. In order to serve the human being of God, we have actually two species of ministers of holy Communion: plain Ministers of divine Communion and also Extraordinary Ministers of holy Communion.

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Ordinary Ministers of divine Communion

Ordinary Ministers of divine Communion room the bishop, the priests, and deacons (permanent and transitional).

the ordinary ministers of divine Communion space the Bishop, the Priest and the Deacon,to whom it belongs as such to provide Holy Communion to the lay members the Christ’s faithful throughout the celebration event of Mass. In this means their ministerial office in the Church is totally and accurately carried to light, and also the sign value of the Sacrament is made finish (Redemptionis Sacramentum, 154).

Extra-Ordinary Ministers of holy Communion

Formally instituted Acolyte

Theacolyteis the an initial designated Extra-Ordinary Minister of divine Communion. That is the suitable server in ~ Mass and also other liturgicalfunctions. ... In short, all thedutiesof a server and also Extraordinary Minister of holy Communion, and component of the sacristan"sduties, space those of theAcolyte. Theacolyteis describe by a bishop in stimulate to aid the deacon and also to minister to the priest.

In enhancement to the ordinary ministers over there is the formally instituted acolyte, that by virtue that his college is an especially minister of holy Communion also outside the celebration event of Mass. If, moreover, factors of real requirement prompt it, another lay member the Christ’s faithful may also be delegated by the diocesan Bishop, in accordance with the norm of law, for one occasion or because that a specified time, and also an appropriate formula that blessing may be used for the occasion. (Redemptionis Sacramentum, 155)

Delegated place Men and Women

There room lay men and women who space delegated by the bishop and also called to serve as Extra-Ordinary Ministers of divine Communion. This is in 2 ways:

During divine Mass

Indeed, the particularly minister of divine Communion may provide Communion only when the Priest and Deacon space lacking, as soon as the monk is prevented by weak or advanced age or some other genuine reason, or once the variety of faithful comes to Communion is so great that the very celebration of Mass would certainly be above prolonged. This, however, is to be understood in together a way that a brief prolongation, considering the scenarios and culture of the place, is no at all a enough reason (Redemptionis Sacramentum, 158).

2. Taking Communion come the Sick, in hospitals and also homes. Those who room homebound and also are in have to receive Communion.

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A priest or Deacon, or an extraordinary minister that takes the Most divine Eucharist as soon as an ordained minister is absent or shackles in bespeak to carry out it as Communion for a sick person, must go insofar as feasible directly indigenous the location where the Sacrament is scheduled to the sick person’s home, leaving aside any kind of profane service so that any danger of profanation may be avoided and also the greatest reverence because that the human body of Christ might be ensured. Furthermore the Rite for the administration of Communion come the sick, together prescribed in the roman Ritual, is always to it is in used.(Redemptionis Sacramentum, 133).