Above, a 1934 plaque from the large Apple Night society at West 135th Street and Seventh avenue in Harlem. Discarded together trash in 2006. Currently a Popeye"s quick food restaurant ~ above Google Maps.Recent entries:•Entry in progress—BP (9/27)•Entry in progress—BP (9/27)•“We trust banks with our money, however they don’t trust us v their pens” (9/27)•Entry in progress—BP (9/27)•“Finalist is the very first loser” (9/27)More new entries...

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Above, huge Apple corner at 54th Street and also Broadway in Manhattan. Google Maps.

Above, man J. Fitz Gerald, indigenous the Aug. 15, 1931, Binghamton (NY) Press, pg. 14.

Listen to Robert Emmerich present "The large Apple," a hit song from 1937. Music created by Bob and performed by Tommy Dorsey"s Clambake seven with Bob on piano. Lyrics written by buddy Bernier and sung by Edythe Wright. Audio noted by Dorothy Emmerich.

Also listen to a 1937 "The huge Apple" track by Ozzie Nelson and also his Orchestra. Watch a 1929 photograph of john J. Fitz Gerald and also a 1931 picture of john J. Fitz Gerald.

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. OCLC WorldCat recordSurfing the Internet. An Introduction.Author:Jean armor PollyEdition/Format: write-up Article : EnglishPublication:Wilson Library Bulletin, v66 n10 p38-42,155 Jun 1992Database:ERIC The ERIC database is an initiative of the U.S. Room of Education.Summary:Describes resources obtainable through net that space of interest to librarians, including electronic newsletters and serials, virtual library catalogs, bulletin boards, remote accessibility to software application or message files, utilities to aid navigate the network, resources for learning much more about the INTERNET, conversation list guides, and INTERNET library guides. Methods and also costs for connecting come the network are summarized. (MES) Google BooksFinding that on the Internet: The necessary guide come archie, Veronica, Gopher, WAIS, WWW (including Mosaic), and also other search and browsing toolsBy Paul GilsterNew York, NY: man Wiley1994 Pg. 180:Is the Surf Up? through Mitchell Sprasue development I’d favor to recognize who coined the term “Internet Surfing” and strap him come a surfboard going over Niagara Falls. City DictionarySurfing the WebUsing a web internet browser to search through the countless home pages that comprise the world broad web - additionally used to define searching through the internet as a whole. Usualy entails an individual browsing through the internet, whilst not trying to find anything in particular.Killing time, online.by Siona Beht June 22, 2004 Netmom.comSurfing the InternetPublished ~ above Saturday, 22 march 2008 09:00Written by Jean PollyBirth the a Metaphor—The Nascence that Surfing the InternetJean armour Polly November 1994(...)At the time ns was making use of a mouse pad indigenous the apple Library in Cupertino, CA, famous for inventing and appropriating pithy sayings and also printing castle on sportswear and also mouse pads (e.g., “A month in the Lab can save friend an hour in the Library") The one I had actually pictured a surfer on a huge wave. “Information Surfer” it said. “Eureka,” ns said, and had my metaphor. The post was released in the June 1992 Wilson Library Bulletin. You may or may not be able to find an extant copy in your local library. Here’s the reason. The WLB columnist, will Manley, had a column in the same issue called “Sex and the Librarian,” or something similar to that. It to be a feeling questionnaire around librarians and also their experiences and also views around sex. Manley was famed for this kind of thing, regularly writing posts on provocative or outrageous topics. IOL SciTech‘Surfing the web’ is for this reason 1990sFebruary 2 2015 in ~ 03:45pm through Caitlin Dewey(...)“In the instance of ‘surfing the Web,’” Zimmer says, “what might have seemed like a fun and also catchy metaphor in the late ’90s soon flourished stale from overuse. And also in techie talk, yes nothing worse 보다 sounding outdated.” unless you’re being ironic, that course. That’s still hot/sick/cool.